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Am I Raising Confident Children?

Today is the last day of middle school football try-outs. My son tried out last year as a sixth grader and I still remember the night that they posted the team on the school’s website. They said it would be up at 9 pm. All the kids were anxiously sitting around the computer. I had even let the little ones stay up to share this moment. I was so proud of him for trying out that I wanted him to be surrounded by his siblings, whether his name was on that team roster or not.

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Conscious Love: Embracing My True Self and Guiding Parents on Supporting Transgender Children

My journey to self-realization and identity affirmation has been a path illuminated by conscious love – first coming out as a lesbian at age 14, and then as transgender at age 49. These milestones in my life weren't just about revealing who I am but also about the profound understanding and acceptance I sought, particularly…

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 The 6 Financial Habits Of Mentally Strong People for Year-End Planning 

As the seasons start to change and the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time for a financial check-up. Let’s reflect on how much we’ve accomplished this year and set the stage for financial success in the upcoming year with some year-end planning. If you haven’t scheduled a meeting with your advisors yet, now is the time to get your financial planning done. In fact, for our clients, this is one of the busiest and most important planning periods of the year.

Many of us set ambitious financial goals, but how often do we follow through with them? It’s time to take a page from the mentally strong and map out some to-dos to achieve our financial objectives as we head into the end of the year. Remember how important reaching financial independence is?