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4 Fab Jewelry Finds Under $50

Now that we have kids, we dont have as much extra spending cash like we used to. Raising a family is fantastic, but it brings on a lot of new expenses. Its completely worth it, but alas, I cant help but miss buying little things for myself here and there on a whim. Now my goal is to always find that fantastic bargain – either great sales or great little finds. You know, those fantastic little treasures you always get compliments on, and you think to yourself, little do they know how much I spent on this!

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Moms With Style: Celebrity Fashion Lines

Celebrities are natural trend setters, and theycertainly know how to rock the red carpet, so it makes perfect sense that some stars double as clothing designers. Here are three celebrity moms who used their style and savvy to launch tobreak into the world of fashion and launch their own lines. From football jerseys to vintage-inspired bracelets, these ladies have got you covered! Gwen Stefani – L.A.M.B. An edgy mix of vintage …

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Fashion Files: Cute AND Comfy Shoes for Moms!

The following is a guest post from Leslie Newton from timi & leslie We are moms. We walk around bouncing babies so they dont cry. We chase toddlers all over the place. We need comfy shoes, but must we sacrifice style??? The answer is no. We can still look stylish, fashionable and be comfortable. Here are some of my favorite picks of chic yet practical shoes: Kork-Ease sandals