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Free Baby Shower Favor Ideas for Boys

You may feel tempted to splurge when planning a baby shower, but baby shower favors, when multiplied by the number of guests, can break even a generous budget. Use your creativity, baby shower theme, the personalities of your guests and some artistic skill to create free shower favors that make the event feel more meaningful. Guests will appreciate a thoughtful baby shower favor more than one you’ve purchased.

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Fun and Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

So its almost time for the Easter Bunny to visit again, but youve made a few new requests this year. Youd like to mix it up a little and go beyond just the plastic eggs, faux grass, and outrageous amounts of sugar. Here are some fresh ideas to fill those Easter baskets without copious amounts of candy: Healthy Snacks Every kid expects a few chocolate bunnies or some jelly beans, but you can prevent a sugar high by balancing the sweets with some more nutritious snacks. Include packages of goldfish, nuts, raisins, healthy fruit snacks, etc.

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CocoaVia Chocolate Mousse

If youve got picky kids like one of Tammys daughters, you likely want to squeeze nutrients in wherever you can. Pureeing vegetables into soups and into mac and cheese works magic, and surprisingly you even can get extra nutrients in at dessert time. For example, lets start with something that most kids love, chocolate. By knowing just a few things about chocolate you can ensure that the whole family reaps the most …