Free Baby Shower Favor Ideas for Boys
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Free Baby Shower Favor Ideas for Boys

You may feel tempted to splurge when planning a baby shower, but baby shower favors, when multiplied by the number of guests, can break even a generous budget. Use your creativity, baby shower theme, the personalities of your guests and some artistic skill to create free shower favors that make the event feel more meaningful. Guests will appreciate a thoughtful baby shower favor more than one you’ve purchased.


Whether you love to write poetry or just feel inspired by a favorite poem, sharing poetic words with your guests makes a baby shower party favor special. Poems about parenting, babies, pregnancy or friendship are particularly appropriate. If you know the name of your baby-to-be, consider writing a name poem. The poem follows a pattern, beginning with the baby’s name. The next line begins “It means,” followed by three adjectives. The third line begins “It is like,” followed by a phrase describing, but not naming, a color. The fourth line consists of “It is,” paired with a favorite memory. The last line begins “It means,” and ends with one or two phrases about your life’s philosophy. Write the poem on printed paper or collage images around the poem.


Simple but personalized artwork often winds up in guests’ scrapbooks or on their walls, rather than forgotten in a corner like packaged, purchased shower favors. For an Impressionist-inspired painting, lightly coat a postcard-sized paper in water. Press circles of color in patterns to resemble wildflowers. Use saturated colors and jewel tones, such as fuchsia, periwinkle, apple green, sunny yellow, mango orange and indigo. Other possibilities include rubber stamping, collages, stencils or sketches.

Mini Diapers

For people who enjoy a whimsical baby shower, consider diaper-inspired baby shower party favors. Begin with white napkins, either paper or fabric swatches. Fold them like diapers, leaving pretend leg holes and making sure the corners meet. Carefully pin the folded napkin or fabric at the edges with small safety pins. Fill the diapers with small candies such a M&Ms, miniature chocolate chips, foil-covered chocolate drops or chocolate coins.

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