5 Healthy Ballpark Snacks The Whole Family Will Love
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5 Healthy Ballpark Snacks The Whole Family Will Love

If you’re like us and you’ve been enjoying the ballpark and other sporting events, you’re no stranger to the temptation of arena foods like 500 calorie-plus ice creams and greasy burgers and fries.   And if it wasn’t hard enough to avoid them yourself, listening to your kids plead for them only makes it harder.

While some ballparks have healthier options, your best bet is to arrive prepared. Here are a few of our favorite snacks for traveling and for the long games that satisfy our desire to munch–as well as the kids! Plus, they’re all 150 calories or less. Just be sure to carry them in plastic bags rather than coolers or thermoses, which may not be allowed at the game.

1. Popcorn with parmesan cheese (2 cups popcorn with ¼ cup shredded parmesan)

Make your own popcorn using an air-popper or make it on the stove with just a touch of olive oil.  Swap out the butter for parmesan cheese.  Popcorn is a fiber-filled, whole-grain and the cheese will provide nearly 10 grams of satiating protein.  Pack this snack in pre-portioned bags, so each person gets their own.

2. Pistachios (30 nuts)

An easy source of non-perishable protein, pistachios are perfect for on-the-go eating.  You get about thirty of them for just 100 calories and shelling them takes time, which can give you something to do if the game goes into extra innings.  You may not have to pack your own–some MLB stadiums sell them at their concession stands.

3. Hummus-stuffed celery (2 celery sticks, cut into 5-inch pieces and filled with 4 tablespoons of hummus in the canals)

The fiber-filled celery will fill you up and the protein-rich hummus is savory and will keep you satiated.  Kids love crunching on the celery, which is rich in water to help everyone to stay hydrated.

4. Roasted turkey on apple (six slices of deli turkey and one apple cut into six pieces)

Wrap a slice of turkey around each piece of apple and dive in. Or make a turkey sandwich by using the apple slices as bread and put the turkey between the slices. The turkey provides a satisfying source of protein while the apple offers a sweet crunch.

5. Frozen fruit kebabs (1-1/2 cups fruit)

String small pieces of your favorite fruits (think grape halves, banana coins, and pineapple pieces) on three wooden skewers and place them in the freezer overnight. Remove them right before heading to the game so that they’ll stay cool.  The fruit will fill you up with its fiber and high water content while the sweetness makes them feel like a real treat.

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