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Healthy Tips For Your Child’s Lunchbox

Packing a lunch for your children can feel overwhelming when you are trying to make it healthy, and they want nothing but junk. There are many healthy foods that taste great, but sometimes just getting them to try something “healthy” is a struggle. Understanding some of the healthy lunchbox options and making it appealing can help you put together meals that will have your children eagerly looking forward to lunchtime.

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Brooke’s School Lunch List

One thing I like to do is include sweet notes in my little one’s lunch box. You can download our free printable lunchbox notes (shown on the right) – they’re super cute and so much fun!) Here’s my healthy school lunch list: Fruit Bananas Tangerines Grapes Strawberries Sliced mangos Sliced apples with peanut butter Snacks

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Brooke Burke’s “Magic Meat” Recipe

Brooke Burke shares one of her family’s favorite dinner recipes – Magic Meat!Ingredients2 lbs ground turkey burger1 package taco seasoning mixCarrotsFrozen peas1 onion4 cloves of garlicDirectionsFinely chop whole onion, four cloves of garlic and saut until soft, about 3 minutes.Add turkey meat and saut for 10 minutes.Add packet of taco seasoning, frozen peas and carrots. Saut together until fully cooked.Serve with taco chips …