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Baby Gender Selection Methods

It’s natural for a father who already has three girls to want a boy next time. But should he be able to make that choice? Reproductive technologies exist to make sex selection a reality. However, many people believe that sex selection is ethically wrong. The UN reports, for example, that every day in India, 2,000 women abort a baby girl. Called feticide, this is a form of sex selection. When sex selection occurs for medical reasons, many people support the phenomenon.

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Toddler Eye Drop Methods

Prescription eye drops treat certain conditions such as pink eye in toddlers. Getting the drops into your toddler’s eyes is usually a challenge. Toddlers struggle to sit still and keep their eyes open so the drops can fall in and do their work. Preparation and toddler-friendly methods of applying the eye drops make it possible to get the medicine in place.

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Teen Birth Control Methods

Birth control is a significant consideration for sexually active teens and their parents. Teens need accurate, factual information to make decisions about sexuality and contraception. Many of the contraceptives on the market today are safe, effective and appropriate for sexually active teens. Understanding the options available for your teen can help you to inform and guide her as she makes these adult choices.

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Birth Control Methods & Breastfeeding

Many families wish to postpone the birth of another child for a few years after having one. If you’re breastfeeding, though, your options become more limited because certain types of birth controls contain hormones that can go into your breast milk. Fortunately, there are both natural and hormonal methods that you can use to avoid another pregnancy before you’re ready.