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Navigating Common Breastfeeding Concerns During the Uncertainty of a Pandemic

Breastfeeding can be complicated and difficult enough during “normal” times. However, new mothers’ concerns become magnified during a pandemic when in-person resources, like local breastfeeding classes, are not as available. As a certified lactation consultant, I’m here to help by sharing answers to the most common breastfeeding questions and concerns I receive from clients and…

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Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Breastfeeding may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but it can take some getting used to — for both you and baby. Sleepless nights, lack of energy and sore nipples are par for the course for many new mothers. Arm yourself with information and get help when you need it, and your new baby will soon be eating like a champ.

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Benefits of Cell Phones for Kids

“But all my friends have one,” may be a constant argument if your child really wants you to get her a cell phone. While some parents may fear giving their child a cell phone opens the door to danger, such as the child contacting undesirable people without the parent knowing or a teenager texting her boyfriend at all hours of the day and night, other parents view the cell phone as a safety tool.