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DIY Birthday Party Card

Birthday party cards can create a powerful impact when they are handmade. The thought that goes into the creation of the card makes it special, regardless of whether a card is fancy and detailed, or consists of a few scribbles of crayon made by a child. Exchanging handmade cards can become a family tradition. Cards made years ago may become heirloom keepsakes, which remind people about the happy celebrations associated with them.

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How Do I Make Ringtones for My Cell Phone?

Cell phones come with the usual run-of-the-mill ringtones. Often, the choices are too generic or so common that when you are in a public space and you hear a similar ringtone, you can mistake it as your own. In addition, downloading ringtones can be costly, especially if you want to keep changing ringtones. Make your own ringtones that will stand out from the crowd so that there is no mistaking that it is yours. Furthermore, with your own ringtones, you can give your cell phone its own personality that complements yours.

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3-D Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

An ultrasound gives you a peek at your new bundle of joy even before delivery day. Ultrasounds are often used as a tool to make sure the baby is growing and developing properly. More recently, businesses offering a more entertaining keepsake ultrasound experience have opened. Take time to familiarize yourself with 3-D ultrasounds before getting one.