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Cool Back to School Supplies

Crisp new notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils – when I was little, I couldn’t wait to go shopping for school supplies and now that I have kids of my own, it’s like nothing has changed. I love the organization and planning, going on fun family shopping trips and checking each item off my list. So what’s new in my children’s backpacks this fall? Check out five super cool school supplies that are sure to get kids excited about going back to school! Post-it Mobile Collection

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Baby Changing Table Supplies

Frequent diaper changes come with the territory when you have a baby. A well-stocked changing table streamlines the process each time you have a dirty diaper to tackle. An organizational system, such as baskets or storage drawers, keeps the changing table supplies even more convenient. Keep backups of all the diapering supplies on hand so you aren’t caught without the necessities.

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About Organic Baby Supplies

Infants are exposed to greater concentrations of chemicals than adults. A baby’s smaller surface area and body mass make her exposure ratios higher. Babies also put everything into their mouths. From bottles to toys, if chemicals have been used in the production or cleaning, the baby may be exposed to chemicals. For parents who want to reduce their baby’s risk of exposure to toxic chemicals, organic baby supplies are an option.