How Do I Reduce Eye Puffiness Naturally?
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How Do I Reduce Eye Puffiness Naturally?

The tender tissue below your eyelids is a common area for fluids to collect. Because the skin in this area is extremely thin, fluid retention is more readily apparent. This may happen for a variety of reasons, including allergies, crying, excess sodium levels in your body, certain illnesses, medications and hereditary factors. Even your sleep positions can contribute to fluid retention in your under eye area. Natural methods to reduce the puffiness include a combination of topical treatments and lifestyle changes.

Step 1

Relieve your eye puffiness with cool topical treatments. A cool cucumber slice over each eye, a cool washcloth or even a chilled spoon over each of your eyelids can help. Lie back and cover your eyelids with your chosen chill treatment for 10 minutes. Remove after five minutes and check for improvement. If the puffiness remains, repeat.

Step 2

Reduce instances of eye puffiness by propping up your head at night. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing under puffy eye due to sinus problems. Placing an extra pillow or two under your head can help prevent excess sinus fluids from collecting under your eyes.

Step 3

Apply a daily under-eye cream to help naturally reduce under eye swelling. Creams that contain vitamins K and C may help. Creams that contain alpha hydroxy acids and retin-A may also help by plumping-up the skin and increasing collagen production in the affected area. Follow the directions on the packaging label of your chosen under eye cream.

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