Hairstyles for an Evening Look
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Hairstyles for an Evening Look

Before you hit the town for an evening of fun, prepare your hair for the occasion. By taming your tresses into a formal do for your night out, you can give yourself a polished look. Depending on the style of your evening attire, there are a number of complementary hairstyles perfect for an evening outing.

Curly Bun

Give your hair a polished yet soft look by crafting a curly bun. To produce this look, gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie that closely matches your hair color. Using a curling iron or curlers, curl the ponytail. Use bobby pins to pin the curls you create around your head, creating a soft bun. This simple hairstyle goes well with highly feminine dresses, such as those with full skirts, as it echoes the softness of the garment.

Sleek Bun

If seeking a style that is smooth and sophisticated, consider a sleek bun. To craft this look, create a ponytail. Take the hair that hangs from your secured ponytail and twist it tightly, wrapping it around the ponytail holder. Using bobby pins, secure your tightly twisted tresses. To soften this look a bit, leave some hair down in the front and tuck these free strands behind your ears. Consider this look if your dress is form-fitting and lacking frill.

Soft Waves

Show off your length by giving your hair some soft waves. Instead of tying up your tresses, leave them down. To produce soft waves, use a large-barreled curling iron or large rollers and curl your hair. Spray your curly coif with hairspray to ensure the look lasts all night. You’ll also increase the likelihood of maintaining your curls as you dance the night away by washing your hair the day before you style it, instead of right before you curl, because slightly dirty hair holds the curl better. To dress up this look a bit, use a headband to hold the front of your hair back. You can pair this versatile look with nearly any evening garment.

Reverse French Braid

For a head-turning evening look, put a spin on the standard French braid. Instead of braiding from the top of the head down, flip your head over and braid from the bottom up, stopping once you reach the crown of your head. Secure your hair in a ponytail where you stopped braiding. Either wrap this ponytail to create a collection of hair similar to a bun, and secure it with bobby pins, or curl these locks and pin them around your head to give the look of naturally falling curls. This uncommonly elegant look is great for highly formal events, such as dances or wedding parties.

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