Thanksgiving Dinner Calorie Count
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Thanksgiving Dinner Calorie Count

With Thanksgiving just two days away I thought it would be important to share with you a little tradition I have.  Every year at the holidays I send an email out to all of my clients, family and friends and share with them just how many calories they are about to consume:)  Ok ok not what you really want to think about when you are about to indulge in a great, big delicious meal…..but we are going to go there anyways.

The average person gains 7lbs between Thanksgiving and the new year but with a few modifications and taking that extra moment to think about what you are putting into  your body you can hopefully avoid this unnecessary weight gain.

I’m not telling to you to pass up all of the foods you love or to obsess about what you eat, just remember everything in moderation.  Below are a few tips for Thanksgiving day.

1. Don’t starve yourself all day waiting for the one big meal, eat breakfast and a snack before your big meal that way you’re not STARVING when you sit down for dinner.

2. Use a smaller plate: this will make it harder to over fill your plate

3. Put everything you want to eat on your plate at once: that way you eat a little of everything instead of stuffing yourself with several large plates of food.

4. Choose 1 dessert:  Just because there is pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and cookies does not mean you have to eat all of them.  Choose 1 and enjoy it.

5. Watch the alcohol consumption:  drinks are loaded with empty calories and sugar, if  your going to drink red wine is a great option.

6oz of white and dark turkey     340 calories
1/2 cup stuffing                       180 calories
1/2 cup cranberry sauce            190 calories
1/2 cup mashed potato w/gravy 300 calories
1/2 cup sweet potato pie           150 calories
1 role with butter                      155 calories
1/2 cup green bean casserole    225 calories

1 piece apple pie                     450 calories
1 slice pecan pie                    480 calories
1 slice pumpkin pie                  180 calories

1 glass of wine                        120 calories
1 glass cider/juice                    120 calories
1 cup eggnog                          343 calories

If you were to eat everything listed here you will eat 3193 calories, that is 2 days worth of food for the average woman!!!!  YIKES!!!

You would need to walk 32 miles to burn this off!

Ok so now you know and you can make informed decisions about what you eat this holiday.

P.S. Pregnant ladies please remember you are not really eating for 2.  Your baby is NOT the size of a full grown adult.  You only need 200-500 extra calories a day for your baby.


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