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Grateful, Not Stressful for Thanksgiving

I think that we can all agree that this has been a stressful year across the globe. Often Holidays themselves can sometimes add an additional layer of stress. 

Stress can knock us off balance. It can take us back to the past when we were upset and anxious. It can propel us into future anxieties as well. Often what stress doesn’t do is keep us in the present moment and remind us of what we do have. This Thanksgiving week let’s fight for the love and joy of our present moment. The little joys of what we do have and the big gifts of love that surround us.

We need to remember that we only have control over the present moment. In every moment we have a choice. Make that choice one of gratitude. We all have been really down on our luck at some point. If you have ever made the conscious choice to find the gratitude for your life in that moment, you know how powerful that can be. Let’s do that this week, Start your day with a gratitude list of 5 things, big and small that you are grateful or thankful for. This is also a great practice to teach your family. They will each need this someday if not today.

Start today with a gratitude list. Do it by yourself, then do it with your family and no matter what your situation is, you and your family will feel better and closer for it! Keep in mind that like most things that are good for us-the harder it is, the more we need it.


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