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Veggie Thursday: Pre-Thanksgiving!

Next Thursday is the ultimate Veggie Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. 

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, I like to make a super veggie Asian style stir-fry. The taste and texture of the stir-fry is so very different then the Thanksgiving meal that I think it causes me to appreciate both a little extra. If you are stuck on what to whip up in the next few days or week, try having something totally different from what you will eat next week.

A friend/client who is an amazing cook gave me this great suggestion:

“I just made a vegetable soup with EVERYTHING that was going bad in my fridge.  Basically, I used the veggie platter that I had cut up for Sylvie’s birthday play date last week (broccoli, carrots, red bell pepper, celery) and made soup with it.  I sautéed a chopped onion in olive oil, then added those veggies plus a bag of frozen organic spinach from Whole Foods, dumped in two containers of chicken broth, and two cut-up Yukon Gold potatoes.  Boiled and then simmered the whole thing, and then I’ll puree it later on when it cools for a thick, hearty vegetable soup.  (The pureed potato thickens the soup and gives it creaminess without adding any actual cream or butter.)  I also have been making Sylvie and Steve pasta lately that might qualify as healthy:  whole wheat penne with turkey Bolognese, and then I add a ton of veggies to the sauce to make it a complete meal.  I make a batch at the start of the week (this week I used turkey sausage from Whole Foods instead of plain ground turkey, which made it more interesting) and keep it in the fridge for lunch or, if I don’t feel like cooking, dinner.”

Good Luck!

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