Chad Ochocinco Engaged
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Chad Ochocinco Engaged

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco made the best catch of his life…his model fiancee Evelyn Lozada!

"Yeah, man … It's time for me to sit down," he said on Ryan Seacrest's LA radio show Tuesday when asked if engagement rumors were true . "Enough is enough. I'm 32, you know, my days are over."

The studly footballer gave his leading lady a 10-carat (OMG!) ring from Jason Beverly Hills, but neither of them would confirm to the press that they were engaged at the time.

A 10-carat ring? If that doesn't say engagement, what does?!

According to Ochocinco, she's worth every carat. "I think I found everything I've been looking for in one person. [She's] everything I've been missing," he spilled to Seacrest.

He couldn't say that she's perfect–"ain't no such thing as perfect," he laughed–but he did say that she is "close enough". Awwww, Ochocinco is sure showing off his sentimental side these days!

As much as Ochocinco loves on- and off-field antics, he hopes to keep his married life private. "Maybe [we'll have] … a couple babies. You never know what'll happen."

In case you were wondering, Lozada will not not be taking on the Ochocinco name, opting instead for Chad's original last name, Johnson. The Bengals player legally changed his last name to Ochocinco (which is Spanish for "eight-five") to match the number on his football jersey, 85. Silly boys…


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