Styles for Big Women
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Styles for Big Women

Real bodies come in all sizes. While a good number of fashion magazines feature thin, gaunt women, larger women also enjoy flaunting fashionable styles. Choosing styles that enhance your beauty and draw attention to your most attractive features can help boost your fashion confidence. When shopping for plus-size clothing, select items that feel comfortable and complement your appearance.


Larger women often shy away from articles of clothing that expose too much skin, but attractive summer styles do include leg-baring pants. While tiny shorts can be unflattering on a full figure, they also tend to make shorter women appear bottom heavy. Avoid tight styles that can rub and tug. Instead, look for abbreviated pants that fall not more than 3 or 4 inches above your knees. Wide-leg styles or those that flare slightly from the waist to the bottom hems can provide more comfort than straight-leg or fitted shorts. Choose pairs made from sturdy fabrics like denim, to mix with your summer tops and tees.


Vests can dress up just about any item of clothing, from a skirt to jeans. They come in a large variety of styles, patterns, fabrics and colors. The best type for you depends on your individual sense of style and your figure. Vests that contain bold patterns or glitzy buttons and embellishments can help draw attention away from large arms or thighs, while vests with tucks or gathers can create the illusion of a smaller bust or trimmer waistline. Select styles in dark or neutral tones to pair with items in your wardrobe. Embellish with ties, bows, scarves or brooches to add personality and dress up your look while expressing yourself.

Boyfriend Jeans

Casual chic is not just for skinny women. The easy fit and distressed nature of boyfriend jeans allow you to express your laid-back, comfortable side in style. Pair loose, slightly baggy denim pants with t-shirts or tanks on the weekend or dress them up with stylish sandals and feminine blouses. Roll up the bottoms of your pants to expose sexy ankles and shapely calves. In cool weather, pair your boyfriend jeans with a warm sweater or a cropped blazer. Tie your look together with a colorful scarf draped around your neck or tied through your belt loops as a stylish substitute for a belt.


Formal and professional occasions often require you to wear a dress. Make yourself look taller by choosing one that falls at your knees or longer. Define your middle by pairing your dress with a wide belt that emphasizes the daintiest area of your torso. Look for dresses in fabrics that drape nicely over your figure, rather than clinging or gaping.

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