How to Reduce Wrinkles Without Surgery
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How to Reduce Wrinkles Without Surgery

Wrinkles become more prevalent with age as the skin thins and is less elastic. Cosmetic procedures like face lifts are extreme options that many women prefer to avoid. Your habits and beauty routines affect the appearance of your skin, including wrinkles. Exposure to the sun and smoking are two habits that can cause wrinkles. Taking care of your skin and your body may help reduce or slow the appearance of wrinkles. While starting early in life with healthy habits is most effective, making changes in your skin care routine later in life may also slow wrinkle development.

Step 1

Protect your skin from direct sunlight. Choose shady areas or wear a sunhat. Apply sunscreen any time you head outdoors, even during the winter months.

Step 2

Moisturize your skin daily to make skin lines less noticeable. Try wrinkle or skin creams that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, retinol and coenzyme Q10, ingredients that may help reduce wrinkles.

Step 3

Limit face washing, which removes moisture and oils that keep the skin healthy and may prevent wrinkles.

Step 4

Eat a healthy diet to nourish your skin from the inside. Add salmon, soy, cocoa, fruits and vegetables to your diet to improve skin. Salmon keeps the skin looking plump, soy works against sun damage, fruits and vegetables protect against free radicals and the flavanols in cocoa could protect against sun damage while leaving the skin smooth.

Step 5

Protect the skin around your eyes by not squinting. Wear corrective lenses so you don’t need to squint to see. Wear sunglasses to protect the delicate eye skin and reduce squinting.

Step 6

Sleep an adequate number of hours each night to keep cortisol under control. Cortisol might damage skin cells. Sleeping on your back might also reduce wrinkles because your facial skin isn’t pressed against the pillow.

Step 7

Quit smoking. The habit can damage the skin and increase your chance for wrinkles.

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