How to Prevent Wrinkles on the Forehead
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How to Prevent Wrinkles on the Forehead

All women are eager to keep their fresh, youthful face as long as possible. Part of this quest includes preventing the development of wrinkles. While nothing you can do can completely stop wrinkles from rearing their ugly little heads, there are ways to reduce the rate at which your face succumbs to wrinkle development. If your forehead is already showing signs of wrinkling, engage in some forehead wrinkle prevention tactics.

Step 1

Slather on sunscreen. As WebMD reports, sun exposure is the leading cause of wrinkle development. Your forehead, which is nearly always within the reach of the sun’s rays, can take an even larger sun-beating than most face parts. Before you head out of the house, protect this tender skin with sunscreen to prevent the damage that will later leave you wrinkled.

Step 2

Avoid brow furrowing. The next time you find yourself deep in thought, take a second to consider whether this pensiveness has left your forehead scrunched. If you constantly furrow your brow, you increase the likelihood of forehead wrinkle development. If you are a furrower, dedicate yourself to stopping this practice. While it can be challenging to give up the unconscious furrowing, doing so can leave your forehead smoother longer.

Step 3

Get reading glasses if you need them. While vanity may leave you less than eager to get reading glasses, continued squinting could leave you wrinkled. When you perform the same face movement again and again, you overwork your facial muscles and create a wrinkle, reports WebMD. This means that not only does your squinting to read a restaurant menu look less than attractive, it also has a lasting impact on your face.

Step 4

Select a lotion with Alpha-hydroxy acids. Alpha-hydroxy acids can reduce the appearance of fine lines and minor wrinkles, as these natural acids gently remove the top layer of skin. By starting to use a lotion with this wrinkle-reducing agent in it when you are relatively young, you can likely prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and reduce the baby ones you already have.

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