How Do I Remove Wrinkles From Suits?
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How Do I Remove Wrinkles From Suits?

You never will get a second chance to make that first impression; therefore, you always want to look your best. Wearing a sharp suit to a job interview, business meeting or other important function not only makes you feel your best, but it also shows others that you are a professional. A wrinkled suit sends the opposite message. Showing up to a function in a suit filled with wrinkles makes people wonder if you are as careless in your business dealings as you are with your personal appearance. There are several ways to get the wrinkles out of a suit.

Step 1

Place the wrinkled area of the suit in an ironing board. Heat the iron to medium high. Place a lightweight linen or cotton square cloth over the wrinkle. Spray a light mist of water over the cloth and then press the heated iron on the cloth for no more than five seconds. Repeat until wrinkle is gone. The cloth acts as a protective covering for the fabric. The water will steam the wrinkle out and the iron provides the heat and weight to smooth the fabric.

Step 2

Hang the suit on a wooden or plastic hanger in the bathroom. Turn the shower on as hot as it will go. Close all doors to the bathroom and allow steam from the shower to fill the room. Run the shower for 10 to 15 minutes. The steam will cause wrinkles to fall out. Leave the suit on the hanger and hang it in another room to air dry.

Step 3

Use a hand held steamer. Steamers are sold in stores. The desk clerk at a hotel may also be able to send one to your room. The steamer is a hand-held device that you fill with water, plug in and hold near the hung up garment as it emits steam. Follow the directions that come with the steamer carefully, so as not to harm the suit. Give yourself plenty of time to steam the wrinkles out before having to wear the suit.

Step 4

Toss it in the dryer. This can be risky if it is a dry clean-only garment, but for any other type of suit, you can toss it into the dryer on a low setting and the wrinkles will fall out in about five minutes. Check with a dry cleaner before doing this if the suit is a dry clean-only garment.

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