What Color Makeup to Wear With Brown Eyes?
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What Color Makeup to Wear With Brown Eyes?

Brown eyes can range from dark and dramatic to light and sparkling, depending upon the shade of brown. Makeup can emphasize your eyes, bringing out their warmth. The shades you select should work with your skin tone and create a look appropriate for your lifestyle, whether you’re planning an exciting evening out, a day at the office or a casual afternoon at the park.


Make the most of your brown eyes with a clean, fresh canvas. Apply foundation and concealer, choosing products that match your skin tone, whether you have a warm, golden complexion or cooler, blue-toned skin. Choose a lightweight tinted moisturizer for an easy, casual look or foundation and powder for a polished and finished appearance. Opt for blush and lip colors that complement your skin tone. Try shades of pink or plum if you look best in cool colors or a bronze or peach shade if your skin is peachy, golden or bronze tone.

Neutral Tones

Shades of brown work well for a neutral eye, whether you opt for a bolder, smoky look or a light, casual one. Look for tones ranging from vanilla to chocolate to bring out your eye color. Try a shimmery ivory, pale peach or golden hue for an overall eye-shadow color, or rich shades of coppery brown or plum-tone browns for a smoky, dramatic look. Lighter shades can bring out very dark brown eyes, while richer color may draw out flecks of color and depth in lighter shades of brown.

Go Bold

Emphasize your brown eyes by playing with colorful eye shadows. Bold jewel tones or even bright, saturated shades can work. Try pink, lilac, blue, gold or orange, depending upon your eye color and skin tone: Experiment with shade. Navy or deep pink are more flattering than bright blue or pastel pink. Darker jewel tones, like navy blue or emerald green, can work well as eyeliner, visually brightening the whites of the eyes, recommends BeautyRiot.com.


Choose mascara based on your hair color rather than eye color. If you have black or dark brown hair, opt for black mascara. Choose dark brown or navy blue if your hair is light to medium brown, blond or red. Try wearing black or brown on your upper lashes and navy on your lower to brighten the whites of your eyes and emphasize your brown eyes.


Your eye makeup should make your eyes pop, rather than putting the focus on your cosmetics. Use a light hand, particularly if you have very dark eyes. If you opt for a strong eye, go neutral with the rest of your makeup, especially your lip color. Choose a less dramatic eye color to complement a stronger lip tone or opt for a brighter lipstick if you’re wearing subtle eyeshadow, suggests MakeupGeek.com.

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