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A Star is Born

Last night I attended my childs elementary school chorus Holiday show. Theres nothing that screams its the holidays more than an hour of traditional Christmas music sang by 6 year old little boys and girls. As all the parents gathered into the small theater, I couldnt help become distracted by the bake sale brownies, cakes, cookies (not to mention, really HOT dads). Knowing this might be the longest hour of my life, I purchased a few brownies to help get me through the performance.

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T’was the Night Before Christmas… And I Have No Tools

Ive always tried to create enjoyable childhood memories by integrating all the wonders that the Christmas holidays had to offer, even if it meant Id be up for hours on Christmas Eve trying to assemble toys for my kids. Oh the frustration! After a couple of glasses of wine Id give up. Then Id have another glass of wine. When it came to assembling new toys, I was somewhat challenged. Where the front of the box read “some assembly required”, it should read “some parts will probably be missing and may cause frustration and aggravation.

5 mins read

Family Trip to Vegas, Baby!

My three children and I had a spontaneous moment and found ourselves headed for Las Vegas! On the way there, I reserved a hotel room and now the only thing we had to look forward to was the inevitable! Whatever happens in Vegas gets posted on Facebook. Three hours later, we were in the lobby of a three-star hotel room. Upon announcing we had a reservation, the hotel lobby clerk said they had no more vacancies; however, they could upgrade us at no charge to one of their suites! It didnt end there. She also slipped in two complimentary drink tickets, one free pole dancing lesson with Lucy (or was it Loosey?) and a 10% discount toward the buffet, after midnight! Im already feeling like Ive hit the jack pot! Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!

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The Tooth Fairy Has Left the Building!

Finally, my role as the Tooth Fairy has come to an end! My youngest child lost her last tooth yesterday! As usual, I was entertaining a small gathering of friends and family. Upon sipping my second glass of Merlot, my sister nudged me and reminded me not to forget to leave money under my daughters pillow and to retrieve the tooth. Oh please, I would never forget such a significant event! After everyone left, I tidied up a bit. I was tired but remembered I had one last task to attend to before I stumbled off to bed: Get the tooth, leave some money — easy enough!