Going On Vacation? Here’s How To Save Big On Food!
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Going On Vacation? Here’s How To Save Big On Food!

When you load up the suitcases for a big vacation, you might cram in some granola bars or trail mix, but you probably aren’t packing the fixings for days (or weeks) worth of meals. So unless you want pay restaurant prices, or fork over some serious cash for hotel food, you need to get creative.

Here are a few good tips and tricks to help you save money on food during your summer vacation:

Book hotels with free breakfast – With so many hotels competing for your business many chains now offer free breakfast. To be safe, go with a chain like Embassy Suites, known to always serve full, hot breakfast with your stay.

Happy Hour – Many hotels are now offering more than free drinks at happy hour. Find trail mix, chips and salsa and drinks for the kids. I great way to curb appetites without paying a cent!

Book rooms with kitchens (or at least a mini-fridge!) –  The mini fridge will allow you to bring home your restaurant leftovers. A full kitchen is really the way to save big! If you can get a kitchen, find a grocery store and buy everything you need for breakfast and lunches, then allow yourself to eat out a few time, instead of 3 times a day!

Restaurant.com for vacations – If you’re headed to San Diego, South Dakota or Miami, visit Restaurant.com before you go! I just printed $250 worth of restaurant certificates for $20 from restaurant.com before my family vacation. Now, we’ll save on dining out and we’ll save time sitting around wondering where we’re going to eat that night. I have 10 certificates for $25, so we’ll just pick one and go try a great, new place!

TheKrazyCouponLady was started by young, savvy moms on a mission to slash grocery bills. Visit their website for more great tips and tricks for ways to save money!

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