7 Minute Makeup Routine Helps You Look Fab In A Flash!
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7 Minute Makeup Routine Helps You Look Fab In A Flash!

Here’s a great seven minute makeup routine for MOMS ON THE RUN:

Another September is here, and the busy begins. Moms are like action heroes, getting through the week. Getting the kids ready, making lunches, helping with homework, dropping off and picking up…errands and of course, you can’t be late for work! WOW! With all that to juggle, it doesn’t leave much time for you to get ready, does it? 

I have a simple makeup routine that can help you put on your best face for the day ahead. And best of all, it only takes seven minutes. I promise!

Start with a little prep work, and create a makeup station in your powder room or bedroom. All the items listed will below can most likely be found already in your makeup drawer. Remember, less is more and this theory proves to be very effective…

Items needed to set up a makeup station:

One flat tray of some kind
2 cups
Kleenex box
Cotton balls
Makeup sponges
Makeup remover
1 small box of baking soda

In one of the two cups, put the following makeup brushes:

Large powder brush
Medium blush brush
Flat shadow brush
Eyeliner brush

Tip: To clean makeup brushes, you can wash them with baby shampoo or any dishwashing soap.

In the second cup, keep a couple of mascaras and a few eyeliner pencils. It’s a good idea to keep dark brown, navy and charcoal shades close by. Keep a medium colored brow pencil and a brow setting gel also in the cup along with a couple of shades of lip gloss. 

Now, the makeup items needed for this 7 minute lifesaver are:

  • Vitamin E stick (you can find Vitamin E sticks at Whole Foods or any health food store that sells beauty products.)


  • Your favorite moisturizer


  • A flesh-toned concealer or a light foundation (I have a blemish/capillary concealer in my line of cosmetics that works like magic!) Lancome is known to make some nice concealers, as well as Revlon.


  • Tawny colored blush or a light bronzing powder that can do “Double Duty” and be used for the face and eyes (my signature Tawny powder is a favorite with my clients). Bobbie Brown, Nars, as well as some drugstore brands also work great.


  • Mascara and lip gloss


Tip: keep on hand a shimmery shadow if you are feeling that your eyes need to look a little bigger or brighter (any shade will do.)

Ok, now you are ready to cover, touch, set and go go go!!!

After you have washed and moisturized your face, apply a small amount of Vitamin E stick to your upper lids and under eyes as well as a little on your lips. Take a Kleenex tissue and pat off extra residue from the E stick. Tip: for a more intense face wash add a little baking soda and water. Make a paste, clean and exfoliate. You will look instantly brighter. Remove with warm water.

Step One

Take a wedge makeup sponge and apply some concealer or foundation under your eyes, on your cheeks, chin and forehead. And don’t forget to dab a little on your lids – it will help lighten and brighten tired eyes.  Blend the concealer/foundation evenly and lightly all over your face. Blend down toward your jawbone. If needed, add a little extra coverage on any redness that is still showing.

Step Two

Follow with your powder brush and tawny blush/or light bronzing powder. Apply all over your face evenly as well as softly brushing your under eyes to blend in with the rest of your face. Also, apply a sweep of color on your eyelids too. Using your blush-brush, add more tawny blusher or your light bronzing powder on the apples of your cheeks for more intensity.

Steps Three, Four and Five

Give your brows a little enhancement with your brow pencil by filling in the brow lightly to create a fuller appearance. Set your brows in place for the day with a clear brow setting gel. Apply 2 coats of mascara and finish your look off with your favorite shade of lip gloss.

Tip: if you feel like your eyes need more POP add some eyeliner to the top lash line and highlight your lids with that shimmery shadow.

BOOM!! There it is- your completed pulled together makeup look. Easy right?

Here are a few extra tips that will help to complete your look for the day:

Adorning the decolletage will always make a pretty feminine statement. Whether it be a necklace or multiple necklaces, scarves, or even turtlenecks will always help emphasize a pretty face.

Try color-coordinating your closet. It will help you with your morning rush to get dressed and out the door.  It has certainly helped me with my rush in the morning, one of the best things I could have done.

Also, keep two of your favorite perfume choices out on your counter next to your makeup station. Choose one and give yourself a nice spritz on your way out the door.

Tip: a citrus scent is known to boost your energy levels and vanilla is one of the few scents that excites both men and women. And, musk scents create a feeling of comfort.

So on that note… take a look at yourself in the mirror. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “TODAY IS GOING TO BE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!”

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