Birthday Party Fruit Decorations & Decorative Food Ideas
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Birthday Party Fruit Decorations & Decorative Food Ideas

Decorations can be expensive–especially when you consider that they are most likely headed to the trash can after one use. Save some money and some room in the trash with fresh, edible decorations. Fruits and other foods can highlight your party or dinner party theme and be nibbled up when you are done using them.


Food decorations are an edible decoration for birthday, graduation or other parties. You can make the theme more authentic by using ethnic or cultural foods, natural to your theme. Beach, luau, pirate or swimming themes can all take advantage of tropical foods. Princess, renaissance or medieval themes work well with turkey legs and other royal foods. You may want something daintier for tea party themes.


Food is nature’s decoration, along with flowers and foliage. Take advantage of the bright colors and lovely textures by using them throughout the party. The rough husks of coconuts are great for any masculine theme; you’ll see that a voluptuous fruit, such as the pear, is perfect for a romantic dinner. Attach a small note with a guest name to each fruit; position it at each place setting. Gather a bowl of foods to act as a centerpiece.


Use fresh fruits and foods from a farmer’s market or local grocery store. Use the freshest options to ensure that the foods will stay bright as long as possible. Look to colors of fruits and other foods that match the season. Autumn calls for orange pumpkins, dark green gourds, purple eggplants and dark red apples. Summer is ideal for lemons, limes, yellow squash, tomatoes and other bright fruits. Decorate these items with seasonal leaves and flowers from the plants of these foods.


The convenience of fruit and food decorations is their edibility. Let guests munch on the centerpieces while they await their meal. This is great for kids who lack the patience to wait for a meal. If you use a piece of fruit or other food for the place cards, invite guests to carry the items home. You will be happy to know those favors are enjoyed quickly and not collecting dust on a shelf.

Keep Them Fresh

If you are using fruits or vegetables from your own garden, don’t pick until the last minute. When you are picking them, place them in a basket or bucket. Rinse to remove any bugs that can gnaw through before the party. Dry thoroughly to discourage rotting while you are storing. Keep a cold bottle of water on hand to mist the fruits and flowers while they are out.

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