Brooke Burke and The Doctors’ Motherhood Survival Club
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Brooke Burke and The Doctors’ Motherhood Survival Club

Today is a very exciting day for our very own Brooke Burke, as she joins The Doctors. The lovely mother of four and The Doctors have created the Motherhood Survival Club, where moms can become part of an online community to share tips, vent, ask questions and much more!


On today’s episode Brooke visits a Mommy and Me group, she fits right in and bonds with different mommies and their children. Many questions will arise that will hit home for many of  us, the group share very insightful tips that help make the journey of parenthood a bit little less complicated.


“It was really fun,” Brooke says. “And as chaotic as that looked, it was nice to get into an environment with moms where nobody was judging anybody. Because we all have that one mommy friend who tells you exactly how to do it and convinces you that her way is the only way. For me, what I always preach to everybody in my business is that you’ve got to find your own way and figure out what works for you. There are so many things that women want to know and they are too embarrassed to talk about it, or they’re too afraid of what the other moms are going to say to them.”

 Brooke and The Doctors answer some of your most pressing motherhood questions:
• Are bowel movements normal during labor?
• How do you spice up your sex life after having a baby?
• Is it OK to let babies cry?


This will have many of us blushing, most of us laughing and hopefully all of learning from each other.

Brooke Burke also reveals that for nine years, she has been dealing with melasma, also known as “the mask of pregnancy.” The Doctors say, “melasma causes the skin’s pigmentation to darken on the cheeks, forehead, chin, upper lip and the bridge of the nose due to an increase in melanin, the primary determinant for skin color. The problem is often triggered by hormones during and after pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills and sun exposure.” 

“This really hit home for me,” Brooke says. “This is something that I haven’t really addressed publicly.” She adds “I have mastered the art of covering it.”  With or without melasma, Brooke is beautiful inside and out.

Check for local listings, and tune in as Brooke Burke represents women and mothers. Congrats Brooke!

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