Brooke Burke: What Warms My Heart…
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Brooke Burke: What Warms My Heart…

This morning I reached into my homemade Mother’s day card that Neriah, my 10 yr old made for me, and pulled out one of my daily messages. “You’re funny,” it reads. I love this gift she gave me, it took so much time, creativity and thought to make it, and every day I get to read something positive about myself. What a great gift! Especially for us moms who don’t hear that kind of stuff enough. I actually didn’t know she thought I was funny, it lightened up my morning, and made me think that maybe I am. It made me smile and think about how my daughter perceives me. I am remembering the work game I played in my car with my girls a while ago: “How You Can Learn From Your Kids!” It was an amazing experience to hear what my children REALLY thought about me and I learned some things as well. Also a great way to pass time in the car. Give it a try, it just may surprise you.

Warming My Heart

It really doesn’t take much to warm my heart. My sister sent me a beautiful card about the story of two sisters last week, for no reason. Within days we arranged a visit for us, which we both needed so much. I wish we had the relationship growing up that we have today. There is something so special about a sister, I am determined to teach that lesson to my own fighting girls…. No such luck so far. 🙂

My Niece

My sister is in town visiting me now with my niece. It’s so great to be with them. My niece Jade came with me to my book shoot yesterday, she looks more like my own than my own girls. I am deep into my book now, writing every day, what an incredibly eye opening experience this is. I am remembering many childhood experiences, thinking about many things that have shaped and affected my life and how I have changed and grown over the years. I am SUCH a different mother and partner today. Jade was laughing at how much it takes to actually get me ready for a photo shoot! Three guys, (more like my girlfriends) that style, paint, primp and fuss with me for hours to create just the right look. This shoot was so important, because it was for the cover of “The Naked Mom”. I wondered how her tender little mind would take in seeing her Aunty Brooke in that light.

Writing More

I have been blogging less because I am exploring so many things for my book chapters and trying to save many moments that I usually share here. I was looking back through the years at many things I have written here at Modern Mom. What a collection of life experiences for my family. I think my children will enjoy reading their story one day. I wish my mom had done that. As I look back through my childhood now, there are so many missing pieces. As a woman I wish I could know what my own mother was going through as I was growing up.

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