Oprah Shares Diary Entries
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Oprah Shares Diary Entries

Oprah gets real everyday with viewers on her talkshow, but she’s taking it to the next level by sharing moments from the diaries she’s kept while growing up.

USA Today said that she gives us a glimpse into her life with five handwritten pages to be published in the April issue of O magazine.

"Anthony asked me yesterday to go with him today. I answered yes," Winfrey said of her first date in an entry dated September 22, 1970. "My only regret is my parents. Maybe I shouldn’t have said yes but I wanted to, and my want overpowered theirs…I hated to go against my parents but Anthony is so perfect (almost). I couldn’t say no."

She also revealed what it was like filming her first movie, "The Color Purple", in 1985. "Steven kept saying great–great–everyone was move–then Alan said part of it was in shadow or something. I prayed and prayed to be able to recapture the same energy, having Whoopi there to coax me on did help a lot."

The O magazine iPad app will include 11 extra journal entries.

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