Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe at the Beach
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Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe at the Beach

Summer is here! The waters are warm and the sun is shining high and longer then ever allowing for long days filled with fun at your local beach. Everyone loves the beach and it can keep you and your kids entertained for hours! There are a few safety precautions to be aware of before hitting the beach, because it can be a dangerous place for kids.

Swim Near a Lifeguard!

The water and the beach go hand in hand. Whether it’s the roaring ocean or a calm lake being able to swim is a must. While swimming try to always swim near a lifeguard. You’ll never know when you need the lifeguards help and it always gives you a comfortable feeling when you know that somebody is watching. But remember: Though the lifeguards might be watching, you must always keep an eye on your child especially if you’re at the beach on a busy day!

While in the Water

There is nothing more refreshing than jumping into the cold water on a hot summer day. The water can be a dangerous place, so if you can’t swim, don’t go in! Simple as that! If you choose to go in the water without knowing how to swim, don’t rely on any flotation devices like rafts or inner tubes. Even government-approved life jackets can’t substitute for knowing how to swim.

If caught in a rip current in the ocean, don’t panic! Freaking out will only make your situation worst. Stay calm and swim sideways (parallel to the beach) until you’re safe! Never swim against the currents direction.  

Lastly, NEVER enter the water under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.

Making Sure You are Safe in the Water

While at the beach, the lifeguards are in charge of your safety. You must remind your kids to always listen to anything they say or any directions they might give. If you’re ever in trouble call or wave to help. Don’t expect the lifeguard to come if you don’t signal for help because he might not be watching you specifically at all times. When jumping into unfamiliar waters, always jump feet first and never dive. If in uncomfortable situations make sure to protect your head, neck, and spine.

If you want to swim long distances in the ocean, always tell people where you are going. It’s always best to swim parallel to the shore. Only swim if you feel comfortable that you can handle the rough currents of the ocean.

When you’re at the beach you always must be aware are the animals living in the waters. Jellyfish can often be found in the ocean during the summer months because they, like us, love the warm waters. If you see a jellyfish, proceed with caution, carefully leave the water, and notify a lifeguard. If you are ever stung, immediately wash the stung area with seawater. Apply vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or baking soda to the wound. If you don’t have access to any of those, it is common to even put urine on the wound. See your local lifeguard and they’ll wash it out for you. 

The beach is always a summer favorite but you must always proceed with caution. If handled correctly, the beach can be completely safe and family fun for all. Remember these safety tips and have a great time splashing around this summer!

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