What Does Your Drink Say About You?
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What Does Your Drink Say About You?

You can’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes you can gauge a person by her drink. Do bartenders have your type wrong or is it a perfect match?


You’re a no-frills kinda girl. Not that you can’t rock a pair of stilettos when you have to but your first choice will always be flip-flops or tennies. Generally you don’t care what other girls think about you and will never engage in calorie counting your drink. You’re strong, confident, and comfortable joining any type of party. You don’t shy away from a little healthy competition but take pride in your sportsmanship. Craft beer is a favorite and turning your nose up to a macro-brew just isn’t your style.


Martini drinkers are decisive, self-assured, and tell-it-as-it-is women. You rarely answer with, “I don’t care, whatever you want” when it comes to choosing an appetizer or dessert to share. You like things neat and organized but not enough to qualify you as type A. There’s a favorite vodka you’re loyal to and you may opt for wine when your martini can’t be made the way you like it. Sometimes you’ll venture into martinis “tainted” with mixers, but you never stray far from home.


Champagne drinkers enjoy the finer things in life. You see the beauty around where others don’t. You believe that any occasion can be made special with only a few simple additions. Sophisticated and classy describes your taste, which also errs on the conservative side. You prefer to drink with friends but if the moment calls for it, you may just pour a glass of bubbly for one. You’re not afraid to let you hair down when you want to and don’t mind being told, “you clean up well.”

Tequila Shot:

Ladies who drink tequila shots like to cut to the chase. You are used to raising eyebrows and don’t shy away from becoming the life of the party. When you go out on the town your first priority is to have fun, even if you have to rely on your friends to fill in the evening’s blanks the next day. Tireless and happy-go-lucky, you’ll bounce back quickly from anything, ready for the next thrill.

Gin & Tonic:

Gin and Tonic drinkers possess an urbane spirit whether living on a farm or in a high rise. Usually introspective and thoughtful, you’re sometimes more comfortable listening to the bar conversations than participating in them. Flashy things don’t impress you and you’ll never be caught show-boating. You appreciate subtleties and words unspoken. Your friends mean the world to you and you’d never do anything to betray them.


If you woke up and it was the 1940’s again you’d feel right at home. Partial to a little glitz and glamour, you are comfortable with your feminine wiles, and know how to use them to your advantage. You’re stylish with a love for cosmetics, but you are a master of the understated. You’re a strong person who seeks equally strong personalities in your friends and love interests. The serious part of you is always present but it’s the diva inside who runs the show.

White Wine:

White wine drinkers are low-maintenance gals who take things as they come and are generally care-free. You don’t harbor hard feelings, grudges or have a running list of demands. If the mood is right you love to order wine with lunch, especially when lunching with the girls. A sucker for good conversation, you’ll never pass up the opportunity to let lunch run into dinner.

Straight Bourbon:

Bourbon drinkers are tough as nails and aren’t afraid of a little hard work. You have a clear understanding of the expression “good things come to those who wait.” You do have a cynical side but instinctively see life as a glass half full. You are always up for an adventure and believe you can do whatever a man can do and then some. You don’t take people’s garbage and have zero tolerance for insecurities. You’re a respected leader and have high regard for others with high self-confidence.


Cosmo drinkers are as loyal to their friends as they are to their drink. When you find a brand you like, whether its shoes or vodka, you stick with it. You rarely make your own cosmo at home but speak up when it’s not made “right” at a bar. Girl’s nights are often initiated and planned by you, and usually end up in a lively place with lots of activity. You and your friends have been known to close a place down but no matter how late you’re out, you never lose your poise.

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