Giuliana Rancic: My Son is the Reason I Cut My Hair
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Giuliana Rancic: My Son is the Reason I Cut My Hair

She’s a well-known television host with her own reality show, but five minutes into the conversation and you forget all about the fact the Giuliana Rancic is a celebrity.

She’s so open and bubbly, so down-to-earth…  it’s almost like catching up with an old friend.

We’re talking about diapers, since Giuliana has partnered up with Huggies as their first “Official Huggies Tester.”

“You know, I’ve never been an official tester of anything, so I feel like I have this cool new title,” she says. Rancic adds that she uses Huggies’ SureFit Diapers and wipes for her son Duke, who was born last August.

I asked whether Giuliana or her husband Bill handled the bulk of the diaper duty during their son’s first year.

“I would say it’s split 60/40 me, but I think Bill would try to argue it’s him,” she answered with a laugh. “Honestly, Bill is amazing and we really cover for each other – when I’m off at work, Bill makes sure he’s home and vice versa. We both put in all the work and I’m really lucky to have this great husband who’s so hands-on and so nurturing.”

A Different Kind of “Date Night”

Giuliana and Bill have faced many challenges together, including a struggle with infertility, a painful miscarriage and a battle with breast cancer. But it’s only seemed to draw them closer together – the two will celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary this fall.

How do they keep their marriage strong? The 38-year-old shared some relationship advice for new parents:

“People always talk about how important it is to have a date night, but I think there’s a lot of pressure to plan those nights. If you feel like you have to get dressed up and go out, well let’s be realistic – we’re so exhausted as new parents that will never happen and the next thing you know six months have passed.”

Instead, she recommends having a “date night” on your own terms.

“The other night Bill and I had a date night and all that meant was watching TV and eating takeout. We put the baby to bed and then – instead of sitting on the couch or pulling out our computers – we decided to make it a point to go to bed early and watch TV and just be together and talk.

Remember, date night doesn’t have to be an expensive dinner out with an expensive bottle of red wine. Instead, we had a very inexpensive bottle of wine at home and enjoyed it together with some Chinese food and it was wonderful.  Put less pressure on yourself and plan a more attainable date night – that’s all that matters, being able to relax together.”

Working Mom Guilt

Giuliana also opened up about the biggest parenting challenge she’s faced so far – mommy guilt.

“There’s a lot of guilt associated with having a baby as a working mom,” she said. “I go to work and I think about the baby and I want to be there for everything. And even though I’ve scaled back on my work duties and I’m able to be at the office less hours a day, it’s still really hard.

Like, when he goes to the park and Bill sends me pictures, I wish I was there with him. I think that’s the hardest part – feeling like I’m away from him and I’m going to miss something.”

In fact, Giuliana said spending time with Duke was the main reason she cut her hair!

“I had long, long hair for years and years – ever since I can remember – probably since I was about 16. So I cut my hair because I wanted to spend more time with Duke and less time blow-drying my hair.

And it’s worked, it’s helped so much. I don’t even have to think about it anymore – it lets me worry less about the things that don’t really matter, so I can spend more time with the people who really do matter.”

As we finished up, I asked Giuliana to share one thing she wished someone had told her about being a mom, or one piece of parenting advice that she would give others. Now, this is a question I’ve asked in probably a hundred other interviews… but I was particularly touched by the honesty and thoughtfulness of her answer:

“I feel like everyone warned me about everything – ‘Get sleep while you can,’ and ‘It’s going to be so hard’ – but you just never really believe it until you do it. But the main thing I would tell anyone who is thinking about having a baby is to make sure you are taking care of yourself before you bring another person into this world.

I look at where I was five years ago and I would not have been ready. I was still trying to figure my own life out.  Now that I feel like I have my life figured out in many ways and I’m taking good care of myself, it allows me to be able to nurture and take care of someone else.  And that’s a wonderful thing.”

Giuliana Rancic greets babies at the Official Huggies Test Town Premiere to unveil the newest national commercials starring local families on Tuesday, April 16 in Round Rock, Texas. Little ones were decked out in the latest Huggies Diapers with new SureFit Design.

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