Special Spaces in Old Places
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Special Spaces in Old Places

It finally dawned on me why I’ve been enjoying our summer home so much.  I do love the energy in the house, but it’s because it’s familiar energy.  We’ve found ourselves going back in time, staying in a place where we once lived, where we had both of our babies.  It’s sort of like re-reading an old chapter of a favorite novel you forgot about.

We spent the first few years of our relationship in this home and here we are again, with our extended family, enjoying our vacation together. Summer has taken on a whole new meaning,  creating a special space in a new but familiar place.

I realize that the energy that we love so much follows us wherever we go. “Home” is wherever we are and my favorite part of it is the people I share it with.

I always believe in ambiance and setting the mood.  What we’ve done here with a small little room proves that point. Beautifully colored flowers, fresh smells and lit candles are my go-to essentials to make any space cozy and calming.

I have a charming little patio where I sit in an old leather chair to read, breathe and chill.   Not only have I surprised myself with my stillness, but my husband too.

Check out this old table that we placed in the garden:

Now this is what I call the ultimate conference room.

I think cozy comes with the effort you put into dictating the mood of where you live.  The same is true for a romantic relationship.  I truly believe we get what we give and we reap the benefits of the efforts we put in. (Although it’s easier said than done.)

I have been entertaining all summer, cooking, trying out new recipes and connecting with my kids.  I forgot how much I love to entertain. This summer, the revolving door in our vacation villa has forced me back into my most enjoyable space.

Today I took the whole day off and took my kids, my niece and a few friends to the beach.  I packed a simple picnic and relaxed the whole day, watching everyone indulge in a perfect Malibu summer setting.

I read a new book, it was picture perfect, just like my surroundings.  I realized that this could be a manic chaotic time, but instead I have embraced the chaos.  Every day is what you make of it!

A little creativity goes a LOOONG way.

Here are my five ModernMom must-haves to bring love and peaceful energy into any space:

Fresh flowers, candles, a new playlist, yummy sheets and some people you love to share them with.

Yes, I’m the snob that brings my favorite pillow to a hotel and orders the same fine sheets for every bed I sleep in. I will NOT compromise my nights.

My flowers come from the garden, the grocery store and if I’m lucky my husband.  But for $9.99 you can get a gorgeous dozen and arrange your own bouquet.

I have candles everywhere, and I indulge in the ambiance and aroma of their light and scent. I’m a sucker for great music and always adding to my playlist.  Music dictates my mood.

Happy Summer everyone…


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