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Veggie Thursday: Christmas Eve Edition

Well, here we are- Christmas Eve and staring down the New Year. I think we can all agree it’s been a tough year. I hope all of you had bright and wonderful moments in between some of the harder realities.


Being good to ourselves by eating right, exercising, and scheduling space to think and breathe each day matters most when we are struggling. When we struggle is often the hardest time to be good. Do you see where I am going with this? The harder something good for you seems, the more you probably need it, and the better you will benefit from it.


Veggie Thursday on Christmas Eve is no exception. I myself wanted cookies instead of veggies with my lunch yesterday (and the day before). I did wind up having a cookie in the evening…but after I ate well and made conscious choices throughout the day.


Make a super extra Veggie Thursday effort on this Christmas Eve Day. We all need it. We are all a little more off balance from what we have been eating so far… and what we will eat and drink for the week to come.


Here is a Daily Veggie Short List to keep you on track. If you can manage to eat each of these three items everyday, you are all set for a healthy and happy New Year.


*Veggie Appetizers- these are a fun and sneaky way to get your veggies

*Salad- 1 salad everyday

*Cooked Veggies- 2 cooked veggies in one or more of each meal

This list is easy and manageable. Put it in your phone or reference it throughout the day some other way. You won’t regret doing it. I promise. It will quickly become a habit too (in 3 weeks).


We are going to kick start this New Year with a honed focus on being healthier with our choices as well as being great role models for our friends and families. Self-awareness and being able to follow our own best advice is our goal.



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