Guided Meditation: Release the Past
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Guided Meditation: Release the Past


Today’s video is a guided meditation that is designed to help you let go of the past. Whether you are struggling to forgive yourself or someone else for a past occurrence, or you’re bombarded with thoughts of what might have been, let the positive messages from this video help you let go and move forward in a more peaceful state.

If you can spare a moment, follow the guided meditation with a few minutes of silent meditation on your own. It is in the silence that peace and healing occur.

YouTube video

You may want to watch this video in full the first time, and a second time to close your eyes and practice the meditation.  Please return to this video whenever you are struggling to let go of the past, clinging too tightly to what might have been, or finding it difficult to forgive.

Thank you for watching, friends!

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With love, gratitude & healing vibes,
 Wendy Irene

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