No-Stress Summer Snacks You Can Feel Good About
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No-Stress Summer Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Summertime is snack time, and whether you’re headed to the beach or to the pool in your backyard, you’re going to need snacks. The best summery snacks are portable, easy to serve, kid-friendly, and won’t spoil in the summer heat.

Here are some healthy and ready-to-serve summer snacks that the whole family will love and don’t require any cooking from you:

Kashi Soft Baked Squares

These yummy cookie-alternatives are individually wrapped and ready to go. Kashi has long been known as a healthy and yummy snack option, and these soft baked squares are their newest brainchild. Kashi gives them a high ranking on its list of kid-friendly snacks, so they’re sure to be a hit for the whole family.

Yogurt Covered Raisins

They’re little balls of energy! The combination of dried fruit and sweet yogurt will give your kids enough energy to keep splashing around and playing until dinner time. Sun-Maid yogurt covered raisins are as sweet as candy, but they’ve got the health benefits (like fiber and antioxidants) of dried fruit.

Lesser Evil Kettle Corn and Krinkle Sticks

Popcorn and french fries? Something like that. Lesser Evil has produced a line of healthy kettle corn and “Krinkle Sticks” (they’re like french fries, but well, they’re not fried, and they come in tons of unique flavors) that’s great for a summertime snack. The brand might not be a household name yet, but it should be soon. They’re definitely onto something yummy.


Potato chips are easy, but they’re not exactly the healthiest summertime snack. It’s easy to say that you can satisfy for craving for something crunchy with veggie sticks, but it’s really not the same. Popchips have all the goodness of your favorite potato-y snacks but since they’re not fried, they won’t leave you with grease on your fingers or stains on your sundress.

Trail Mix

Don’t have much of a sweet tooth? Get all the energy of dried fruit and nuts without the sugar (although, if you want some extra sweetness, throw in a handful of M&Ms). Trail mix is great because you can make it however you like. Not a fan of peanuts? Use almonds instead. Like a little spice? Try wasabi sticks.  Go for homemade rather than store bought so you can tailor it to your kids’ taste buds.

Frozen Grapes

There’s so much to love about frozen grapes. They’re cold and sweet without any processed sugar, they’re bite sized, they fit in little hands, they’ll keep other foods cold as they thaw, and they won’t get squashed in your cooler because they’re frozen solid! How’s that not perfect for a summertime snack?

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