Family Reunion Vacation Ideas for 25 People
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Family Reunion Vacation Ideas for 25 People

Both fun and togetherness are vital elements for a family reunion that doubles as a vacation. Family members who use vacation time for a reunion look forward to more than simply chatting with their relatives. For 25 people, a gathering at one individual’s home is impractical. You don’t want frazzled hosts and guests crowded together like sardines. However, a group of 25 people is large enough to take advantage of a variety of venues with strong entertainment potential.

Resort Reunions

A variety of all-inclusive resorts provides reunion participants with a place to sleep, eat and play, all in one location. No one has to cook for 25 people (unless someone chooses to do so) or come up with entertainment ideas. In a March 2009 article, “Travel + Leisure Magazine” lists a wide variety of possible resorts, many particularly suited to a group of 25, in “Best Resorts for Family Vacations.” For example, two diverse choices are the forest setting of Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga., with its family adventure program, and the Moorings Village Resort in Islamorada, Fla., located on the site of a former coconut plantation and featuring 1,100 feet of a white sand beach. By choosing condo-type accommodations, Jennifer Crichton advises in her book, “Family Reunion,” that “the reunion can take on the aura of a deluxe vacation without the usual price tag.”

Togetherness on the Water

Relatives who enjoy the water might consider a nautical gathering. Of course, many family reunions take place on actual cruise ships where the staffs resourcefully accommodate reunions, but there are other possibilities. At the Sail Maine Coast website, reunion planners can find information for families of 20 or more who would like to help hoist the sails on a Maine windjammer, investigate tide pools and make stops at small fishing villages. Another possibility is a houseboat. At the All About Houseboats website, reunion planners can find information on houseboat rentals all across the United States and in many locations around the world. At that website, some of the houseboat rentals are suited to a group of 25. Companies offer training and instruction before the houseboat journey begins.

Dude Ranch Reunions

In a 2005 article, the website for “Budget Travel Magazine” recommends dude ranches as an activity-filled reunion possibility. Depending on the particular dude ranch, in addition to horseback riding, visitors will find a variety of activities, such as taking a hayride, fishing, pitching horseshoes, driving cattle, singing around campfires, along with other Old West activities; some also offer opportunities for rock climbing and for rafting, canoeing and other water activities. Most dude ranches can accommodate groups of 25, with some, such as Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in the Ozark Mountains near Jasper, Ark., offering family discounts when more than four people share cabins. Discounts are also available at Laughing Water Ranch, in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana. The ranch accommodates a maximum of 38 people in the main lodge and log cabins. Laughing Water also offers special programs for children.

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