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The Cardinal Rule

So this is my first blog for you good people of the world. I have crawled deep into my brain, and I am currently searching for something interesting to write about.  Most of my friends get so bored with my stories, so bare with me. I will just write about one of the most important cardinal rules I learned as a MANNY.  A rule that I apply to myself still today!

Here it goes…

Did you know that kids love to be eat? Yep, they sure do!  They will eat anything such as paper, flowers, doggy kibble, and buggers.  Just make sure that what they eat off the ground does not go OVER the 10 second rule, or else that is considered yucky. Make sure to wipe all dirt and gross cooties off and then you may begin masticating with caution.  Feed them as often and as much as you can.  This prevents crying and helps induce sleep.  Sleep which any parent with a kid values highly.  Rinse the child down in a large body of water, preferably a sink or bathtub.  It helps immensely with cleanup.  Burp them soon after eating because if the gas does not come out of the mouth, it will come out of the butt.

Poop…Maybe I will write about poop next.
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