Highlighting Hair While Pregnant
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Highlighting Hair While Pregnant

Whether you regularly highlight your hair or feel the need for a change mid-pregnancy, you probably wonder about the safety of the beauty treatment. No mom wants to sacrifice the health of her baby for a few highlights. Research on the negative effects of coloring the hair during pregnancy is limited. If you are concerned about the safety, talk with your doctor or hold off on any hair color changes until after giving birth.


Regular hair dye is absorbed into the scalp, but it is generally considered safe during pregnancy. Highlighting the hair during pregnancy is likely a safer option than a full hair dye. The chemicals are less likely to reach the scalp where they can soak in because the full hair shaft is not generally dyed.


Different types of hair dyes use different chemicals and ingredients, which might affect the safety of its use during pregnancy. Permanent hair dyes are often used, but semi-permanent color gives you an option with lower ammonia and peroxide. Hair mascara gives you even more control on how close the dye gets to the scalp. You use a wand to apply temporary color to the hair.

Time Frame

The first trimester marks the period of significant development for your baby, particularly the neurological development. Your doctor might recommend holding off on any sort of hair coloring, even highlights, until the second trimester and beyond. This gives your baby time to develop in the first trimester without any potential risks from the hair coloring.


Whether you highlight your hair at home or at the salon, dyes with the least amount of chemicals are a safer option. Read the labels or ask the salon about the chemical content and options. A well-ventilated room also reduces the amount of chemicals you breathe in during the highlighting. If you highlight your hair at home, use gloves when working with the dye to avoid absorbing the color through your skin.


If you are still concerned about the safety of highlighting your hair during pregnancy, there are some natural products that can add gentle tint to your hair. Blond highlights are possible with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice to damp hair and head outside for some direct sunlight. Leave the lemon juice on the hair for an hour for the best results. Wash out the lemon juice. Equal parts of beet juice and carrot juice work in the same way to add red highlights. Black coffee or tea prepared and cooled amps up the color for brunettes. Pour the coffee or tea over the hair with a large tub or pot underneath to catch it. Pregnancy.org recommends repeating 15 times. On the last time, let the hair rest for 15 minutes before rinsing. These options won’t likely last as long as actual hair dye, but they might give you peace of mind.

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