Hot Mess to Mindful Mom – Book Review
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Hot Mess to Mindful Mom – Book Review

Hot Mess to Mindful Mom is a new book written by Ali Katz. It provided me with what I believe every mom is searching for. I have been on a journey to discover who I am as a mom and how to be a present and mindful mom from the day my first daughter was born. At age 48, now a mom of three teenager daughters, I am still on that journey and always searching for ways to simplify and appreciate the time I spend with them. Ali Katz has given me valuable tips and direction that I can use as I continue my journey.

This book focuses on ways for a mom to explore herself and take care of herself in order to find balance and give her best self to her own children. By using certain tips and principles, through meditation, personal experiences and simple acts of kindness to name a few details in the book, Hot Mess to Mindful Mom enabled me to become even more realistic and mindful.

By relating to some of Ali’s experiences I felt engaged with her like I was having a personal conversation with a fellow mom. She is very forthcoming and helpful in showing me new ways to explore something deeper. I truly believe she gave me valuable information and techniques that I can use to strengthen myself as a mom.

I was familiar with many challenges Ali faced on her own journey and she was able to fill me with great advice and help. Ali expresses so openly how she has learned to be grateful and forgiving. This allowed her and will allow other moms to overcome fears and doubts and to become happier, which in turn, helps them become better moms.

As shown in the book, every mom is on a journey from the day the child arrives and never ends. Ali Katz, in her book a Hot Mess to a Mindful Mom, we get to experience her journey and learn, as she did, how to grow deeper in ourselves and become a little bit better each and every day in order to enjoy the simple times with our children and spread our happiness to them.

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This guest post is by Kelley Beckham.

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