How to Cook Beef Round Cubes in a Pan?
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How to Cook Beef Round Cubes in a Pan?

One budget-friendly yet flavorful and tasty cut of beef is beef round. Luckily, preparing it is easy. These are a few steps that can help you prepare delicious beef round cubes in a pan, without ever having to fire up your grill.

Prepare Your Meat for Cooking

First of all, you will need to prepare your meat for cooking. If your meat is frozen, make sure that you thaw it out thoroughly in the refrigerator. Then, cut your meat into one-inch cubes, which will make them easy to both cook and eat.

If you have the time, you may want to marinate your meat for a little while before cooking. The possibilities are truly endless; many people like to marinate it in Worcestershire sauce or a combination of their favorite oil and vinegar. Add plenty of seasonings, such as garlic, salt and pepper. Then, allow your meat to soak in the mixture in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

Whether you choose to marinate your meat or not, you will probably want to season it. A little salt, pepper and garlic powder can add plenty of flavor, but you can experiment with your favorite seasonings as well.

Prepare Your Pan

While you are seasoning your meat, take the time to prepare your pan. Make sure that you have a large frying pan that is big enough for you to prepare all of your beef cubes without crowding the pan. Otherwise, you may have to prepare them in batches.

Once you have chosen your pan, heat it up on the stove over medium-high heat. Then, add a little bit of olive oil or another favorite oil, allowing it to get nice and hot. You can usually tell that the oil is ready when it becomes very thin and can be spread around your pan easily by tilting the pan from side to side.

Cook Until Done

Once the oil is nice and hot, add your beef cubes to the pan. Use caution when putting the cubes in the pan to avoid splashing hot oil on yourself, and make sure that the pan is not overcrowded. Then, allow them to cook for several minutes without flipping, about four minutes on each side. You can then use a meat thermometer to check for your desired doneness; if your beef cubes do not reach at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit, allow them to cook for a little longer until they are done.


Once your beef cubes are finished, they are ready to serve as-is with your favorite sides, such as fresh, steamed vegetables or a salad and a baked potato. If you’d like to make a nice sauce to serve with them, deglaze your pan by adding a little bit of beef broth or red wine to the pan. After scraping up any dark bits from the bottom of your pan, allow to simmer until a thin sauce has been created. Then, pour the sauce over your beef cubes, or serve it on the side.