Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Really Like
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Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Really Like

It’s almost Mother’s Day so it’s definitely time to give some hints to help out your kids/partner or to shop for your own mom. Here are a few ideas we would love to receive – practical but cool!

We all could drink more water, so why not enliven your water with GEMS! Yep, ViA is GemWater-To-Go – it’s a premium glass bottle with a hand-crafted pod full of gems. Fill with water and refrigerate and it’s the tastiest (and most beautiful) water you’ll ever drink.

No matter the age of our kids, I think all moms could use more sleep. How about a 100% natural silk Eye Mask & Pillowcase Set on Rival World? Nicole Richie cultivated a new brand with this amazing product that leaves no overnight crease marks on the skin, is supremely soft and cooling while protecting delicate skin. Glamorous!

Need to relax? Try out these Aromatherapy Salt Soaks and Aromatherapy Shower Mists. Pour some in your bath and let the salts relax your muscles, loosen still joints and relieve stress. The lavender aroma is sure to calm you and promote sleep.

New underwear always makes us feel pretty. Well these from b.WR will also make you feel good because they are eco-friendly! These are made from Bamboo! They are insanely soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. We love the Sampler that comes with a lace thong, thong and bikini. LOVE.

Nothing is worse than having your phone run out of juice. We love portable chargers but this one is sleek and light weight and works fabulously. The mophie powerstation plus mini has a fabric finish and charges your device so fast – speeds up to 10W. It charges any smartphone or tablet and seriously you can throw it in any purse or backpack and feel confident you will have a power solution that works!

Those of us who like practical gifts, new kitchen utensils are always welcomed and appreciated. Especially these Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears that allow you to cut food directly in the pan with their non-scratch nylon base. Brilliant and easy to clean! You’ll also want to try their kitchen knives featuring a smarter handle design that guides and cushions your hand. Love.

Another practical gift that we love is the Oral-B Pro 7500 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. You can customize your brushing with LED lights and the oscillating brush leaves your teeth feeling clean and fresh. This brush let’s you know every 30 seconds to switch where you brush so it encourages longer brushing. You can also connect it to your Bluetooth for feedback on your brushing!