The Best Way to Cook Boneless Shoulder Steak
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The Best Way to Cook Boneless Shoulder Steak

A boneless shoulder steak is a specific cut of meat that comes from the chuck shoulder roast. The steak is cut about an inch thick and normally weighs around 10 ounces. The cut is quite flavorful and relatively inexpensive; however, it can be a little tough since it contains very little fat. You should not let that deter you, however, because these steaks are perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.

Get Your Braise On:

Braising is a tried and true method for cooking tougher cuts of meat. It involves cooking the meat “low and slow” in a liquid until it becomes tender. Once tender, the meat can be used as part of your favorite soup or stew or alongside potatoes and topped with gravy. You do need to take care not to boil the meat since this will actually make it tougher. It is also important to season your meat before cooking. You should use a generous amount of salt and pepper along with your favorite fresh or dried herbs. That packet of dried ranch salad dressing that you probably have in your pantry also makes a great steak seasoning.

Grab Your Slow Cooker:

One of the easiest ways to braise is with your slow cooker. You want to start by browning your meat in a skillet. This will help sear in the meat’s natural juices and give it a nice brown color. Your steak is thin, so this will only take a couple of minutes on each side. It is important not to skip this step; otherwise, you can end up with meat that is an unappetizing gray color and sadly lacking in flavor. Once your meat is browned, simply add it to your slow cooker with some garlic, chopped onion, a little beef broth or water, and the seasonings of your choice. By the time you are ready for dinner, your steak will be juicy, fork tender, and full of flavor. You even add potatoes, carrots, or your favorite root vegetables for a complete meal.

Pour on the Marinade:

Grilling and broiling typically require a cut of meat with a higher fat content than a boneless shoulder steak in order to get a final product that is tender and juicy. It is still possible to end up with a great grilled shoulder steak if you use the right technique. The key is to use a marinade that contains acid, such as citrus juice, red wine, or vinegar, that will help break down the fibers of the meat. To get the best results, you should let your steaks marinade for at least six hours before cooking and do not cook them beyond medium.

Serve it Up:

You should let your steak rest for 10 to 20 minutes before cutting it. This will allow the flavorful juices to redistribute back into the meat instead of winding up all over your cutting board. The steak should be cut thin and diagonally across the grain to avoid slices that are tough and stringy. You can use your sliced steak on salads, sandwiches, fajitas, or any other dish that calls for thinly sliced meat.

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