Turkey With A Side of #SportBits
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Turkey With A Side of #SportBits

Hello ModernMoms. Happy Black Friday! I hope your Thanksgiving Day festivities were stress-free and fun, filled with yummy food, family and friends. May I suggest avoiding the crowds and doing your sale shopping on-line? Grab your laptop and plop on the couch. Heat up the leftovers and turn on the TV in the background. So many great games this weekend. Here’s the run down.

College Football – This is the best weekend for college football. It’s rivalry week! Teams are playing for playoff spots, bowls games bids, and most importantly, good ole bragging rights. If there were ever a time to tune in…it’s now.

No. 5 Oklahoma appears on verge of reaching the playoffs, but must first get past No. 10 Oklahoma State in Stillwater. It will be a wild and crazy atmosphere at Boone Pickens Stadium. Saturday, 8pm on ABC.

#6 Notre Dame v. # 9 Stanford – This not a HUGE rivalry game, but the outcome has huge meaning. ND fell out of the top spots after an iffy win last week over BC – so to stay in the hunt they must beat Stanford. Saturday 7:30pm Fox

No. 8 Ohio State fell back after last week’s loss to Michigan State, but the Buckeyes can get back in the mix if they can beat No. 12 Michigan. Saturday 12pm ABC

#22 UCLA v. USC – The winner takes the Pac-12 South. Doesn’t get much bigger than that. Saturday 3:30pm ABC ESPN2

Here is a complete list of weekend games.

NFL:  Many, many games this weekend. Check local listings for what’s airing in your area. Here are a few to keep an eye on.

Bengals v. Rams – Sunday 1pm FOX. It’s panic time in Cincinnati after 2 recent losses.

Giants v. Redskins – Sunday 1pm Fox. Huge matchup in the NFC East. The Giants can move ahead 2 games over the Redskins with a win in Washington.

Seattle v. Pittsburgh – Sunday, 4:25pm CBS. Both teams are a few games back in their division and must come away with a win if they hope to make a play for the playoffs.

Patriots v. Broncos – Sunday 8:30pm NBC. Although this won’t be the Brady-Manning matchup we all wanted (Peyton is out with an injury), the Patriots are hoping to go to 11-0 to stay unbeaten. The Broncos would love to be the team to stop them.

Here is a complete list of games.

NBA: This weekend is all about football, but there are a few NBA games to catch if you’re in the mood for some hoops.

Milwaukee @ Orlando Friday 7pm NBA TV

Golden State @ Phoenix Friday 9:30pm NBA TV

Denver @ Dallas Saturday 8:30pm NBATV

Philadelphia @ Memphis Sunday 6pm NBATV

NCAA Basketball: sooooo many games…soooo little time:

#1 Kentucky @ South FLA Friday 5pm ESPN

Memphis @ Ohio State Friday 7:30pm ESPN2

Utah St. @ #6 Duke Sunday 12:30pm ESPNU

Wisconsin @ #7 Oklahoma Sunday 2:30pm ESPNU

Complete list of games here.


There is a concussion crisis in the game of football, and it was brought to light in a big way this week with the revelation that revered sportscaster and NFL star Frank Gifford suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a progressive brain disease linked to the types of brain injuries and head trauma common in football. The diagnosis highlights once again the risks athletes face from suffering repeated concussions. Last week, NFL protocol was questioned when the St. Louis Rams allowed QB Case Keenum to remain in the game after showing signs of a concussion after taking a viscous hit. It is hard to watch. But it’s not just the NFL under fire. Last week 24 former NHL players joined a class action lawsuit alleging the league was aware of the long term implications of head trauma. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am thankful my kids don’t play a sport where they are at risk for concussions, because it doesn’t seem to me that anyone has a good plan of how to tackle this problem.

As a parent I have many hopes for my two teenagers…one being they learn to recognize, appreciate and take advantage of opportunities that come their way. Some opportunities are big, and some are small. Recently I find myself wondering what Cleveland Brown QB Johnny Manziel’s parents think of his behavior this season, and his apparent lack appreciation for the huge opportunity that has been given him. Manziel’s off the field actions have, without a doubt, cost him the chance to succeed on the field. Cleveland Coach Mike Pettine announced Tuesday that Manziel had not only lost the starting quarterback job, but he also would be the third quarterback for Monday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. The team has reached its frustration point. Just one week ago, Manziel was named starting QB for the rest of the season after a huge game v. Pittsburgh. With a bye week ahead, Manziel promised to stay out of trouble. However an online video that surfaced showing him partying in an Austin, TX club has been another embarrassment to the team. What’s worse is Manziel apparently lied directly to coach Pettine about when the video was filmed. He also encouraged his friends to lie about when the video was recorded. Manziel’s repeated bad behavior seems to have broken what little trust his organization has in him, and could very well sideline his once promising NFL career. I say send him home to his mama, and let her straighten him out.

Last night the Carolina Panthers beat the Dallas Cowboys 33-14 in their Thanksgiving Day debut. I am SURE it’s because coach Ron Rivera followed his #superstitionprotocol:

  • Coach starts every game day at the same time with cinnamon French toast with ham steak prepared by his wife.
  • At exactly 4 ½ hours before game time, his ride arrives to take him to the stadium.
  • He wears a black shirt and the same black Nike sneakers he’s worn for 3 years.
  • He eats a peanut butter and oatmeal cookie his wife has made for him.
  • He walks out of the stadium tunnel careful to avoid going through the large Panthers inflatable on the field (that is for the players).
  • After sidestepping the inflatable, Rivera jogs out to the 20-yard line, turns to the crowd to find where Stephanie is seated and signals “I love you” to her with his left hand.

Now he is ready for the game! There are SO many weird superstitions in sports, and while Rivera’s rituals may seem crazy, they are working. The Panthers are 11-0 season and have won 15 straight regular-season games overall, which probably only increases his superstition.

Last Wednesday night, sixth grader Jaden Newman, who has made it her goal to be the first woman in the NBA, became the youngest high school basketball player to reach 1,000 points. This basketball prodigy scored 57 points for her varsity high school team in Orlando, and this week she scored 47 to break the 1,000th point mark. Look out Steph Curry, there’s a new kid in town. #girlpower

That’s it for this Thanksgiving edition of #SportBits. Leave me a comment on what you want to read about – and extra kudos if you can tell me the significance of the 2 guys in the picture. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. (Don’t forget to follow me on social media for more sports scores and highlights)

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