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Decoding a Man’s Hug

During the course of your week, you may be hugged in many different ways. How can you tell what the hug means, especially if it comes from a man? Women tend to hug friends and family enthusiastically, almost any time they meet together. However, men can be elusive and mysterious when doling out hugs. Here five of the most common hug types and what they symbolize. The … [Read More...]


How Long Can Cupcakes Be Stored After Baking?

In a perfect world, cupcakes would always be enjoyed a few hours out of the oven. In the real world that's often not possible. In the midst of setting up decorations and organizing kids, the last thing you want to do it pull out your mixer. Luckily, with a little planning ahead, you can serve delicious home baked cupcakes with very little day-of hassle. So how long can … [Read More...]


Heavy Cream vs. Milk in Baking

When it comes to baking, every ingredient should play a role and affect the outcome of a meal. Dairy products like milk, heavy cream, buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream and cheese can be essential for the success of baked goods. In recipes that call for milk, some home bakers will wonder if heavy cream could make for a better replacement. At other times, bakers run out of … [Read More...]


I Bought Smoked Pork Chops & Don’t Know How to Cook Them

There's no denying smoked pork chops have a deep flavor. But to get the desired taste, the process requires a deft hand. Let's take a look at what the process requires to ensure we get it right and get to enjoy a succulent meal. Safety First Smoking pork chops helps preserve them and retain delicate flavor. But it has to be done through basic food safety. If … [Read More...]


Child Seat Belt Laws for a Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are making resurgence in the United States, with many women preferring the truck to the traditional station wagon or minivans as their vehicle of choice. While the utility of a truck is without question, it does raise safety concerns for how to transport children safely. In most states, the laws require children to ride in the back seat, securely fastened … [Read More...]


How to Use Frozen Bananas for Baking

Most baking recipes that call for bananas require them to be very ripe. If you don't have time to use your bananas when they reach this peak ripeness, try freezing them for later! Then you can make delicious banana bread, muffins, or cake any time. Read on to learn how to properly freeze, defrost, and bake with bananas. Techniques for Freezing Bananas 1. Peel and … [Read More...]


Substitution for Oil in Baking Brownies

There's never anything better than sitting down and munching on a delicious, homemade brownie. Scrumptious and enjoyable, these tasty treats have one downfall: They're fattening. This tends to scare people away, as they choose to consume healthier options. However, there are plenty of options out there for you to substitute in place of one of the most fattening … [Read More...]