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How to Raise a Polite Child

Have you ever wished your little one hadn’t blurted out that naughty word to his oh-so proper grandparents -- an expletive he evidently learned when you accidentally slammed your finger in the door last week? Have you ever watched your child eat and, in horror, had to ask yourself, “Did he just watch Animal Planet before this meal?” Has your child ever done something so … [Read More...]


How Much Tablet Time for My Toddler?

How much should I let my toddler play on a tablet? It's a challenging dilemma for parents these days. The very nature of tablet technology is different compared to TV or video games because it appeals to the curious nature of toddlers and preschoolers much more than any other medium. A toddler can touch the letter A, for example, and an apple falls from a tree with … [Read More...]


Do the Same Discipline Tactics Work for Teenagers and Toddlers?

Summer is coming to an end, as are the days of letting our kids stay up late and sleep in, eat marshmallows for dinner and pizza for breakfast. Many schools, from kindergarten to college, are already back in session. We parents can once again get some work done without (too many) interruptions. But what the end of summer means, in practical terms, is that some of us … [Read More...]


How to Field Your Kids’ Questions About Divorce

Most children feel shocked and confused when their parents tell them that they will be getting a divorce. Children of all ages will likely have many questions after the initial announcement. Here are some common questions and how to answer them in a loving, reassuring, and honest way. Remember, even if you told your children about your divorce months or years ago, you … [Read More...]


Why Every Super Mom Needs a Sidekick

Enlightenment.  Don’t you wish that every morning you woke up to the sweet sounds of singing birds (or just silence), where you could spend fifteen, even five minutes looking inward and evaluating your choices? You know, reflecting on how yesterday’s meltdown could have been avoided. When the day starts going pear-shaped, wouldn’t it be wondrous to have the presence of … [Read More...]