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7 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before A Play Date

I’m embarrassed to ask that…what will they think of me? This is what many parents tell us when we discuss the importance of asking “safety questions” of another parent/friend /adult before sending their kids to a play date, sleep over, or off to sports practice. With all of the stories in the media lately about seemingly "trusted" adults in children’s lives who have … [Read More...]


Wait ’till Your Dad Gets Home

When I read the title of the Modern Mom article ‘10 Things You Swore You’d Never Say’ I instantly chuckled and couldn’t wait to read it. The previous day I was having this exact same conversation with my best friend, we had a good laugh discussing all the ‘things’ we said we wouldn’t do or we wouldn’t say when we had children. And the list was long. We were naïve … [Read More...]


Teaching Teens to Drive – Tips to Help Keep Them Safe

I have three teenagers. They are obnoxiously eager to grow up. The kind of kids who take their driving test the first morning they legally can. I’ve taught two of them to drive. It is, hands down, the hardest thing I’ve done as a parent. I’d rather talk to them about genital warts than get into the passenger seat with one of them at the wheel. But I did it. So it is … [Read More...]


How Loveys Can Help Comfort Your Child

In our house Dyl has his Doggies, Ry has his Gigis (giraffes), and baby J has his Ellas (elephants). These are toys that we introduced to our kids around the same time we sleep trained them at four months. During sleep training we give up on continually replacing the soother that inevitably falls out of their mouth all night, and they all learned how to self … [Read More...]


9 Body Image Questions You Need to Ask Your Daughter

Inspiring your daughter to be a healthy, fit, and confident young woman takes more than just driving her to ballet class, emphasizing a longer hemline, and serving up smoothies on Saturdays. In order to really connect with your daughter and discover how she sees herself and her body, you have to ask the tough questions and be willing to listen with an open heart (and … [Read More...]