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Talking to Your Kids About Embarrassing Stuff

Are you stumped having to talk to your children about embarrassing health issues? Keep control of the situation and make your child feel at ease. Keep the following in mind for a smooth conversation: No Big Deal It may be far more embarrassing for you than it is for them, so try to talk in a way that communicates “this is no big deal -- nothing to be embarrassed … [Read More...]


Why We Should Let Our Kids Fail

As parents, our natural instinct is to protect our children from harm, disappointment and failure. But doing so is not always in our kids’ best interests. When my son was in fourth grade, his Little League team-- a team we affectionately called the Bad News Bears - was on a 0-7-game losing streak with no apparent signs of a mid-season comeback. After a particularly … [Read More...]


Slackers No More: Gen X Parents Raising Amazing Gen Z Kids

Word on the street is that Generation Z is the most significant generation in modern history. As their parents, of course we know our kids are special. But what makes researchers and marketers also say Gen Z is so unique and important? And how have we, their Gen X parents, helped shape them into such fabulous people? First, a quick primer on the two generations. Gen … [Read More...]


Toddler Door Locking: An Epidemic

I’m here to raise awareness about a serious issue affecting all parents at some point in their lives. As a survivor of Toddler Door Locking, I believe I can offer insight into this growing epidemic that touches hundreds of homes every year. Let me paint the picture: I live in a townhouse consisting of three floors. When you enter my house, you are greeted by the … [Read More...]


Helping Teens Change Rape Culture

Thanks to the presidential election, the news lately has been full of women’s stories of unwanted sexual attention from men. In response, Canadian writer Kelly Oxford amassed thousands of voluntary accounts of women’s first experiences with assault and harassment. Most took place when the women were minors, and involved trusted coaches, hairdressers, neighbors and … [Read More...]


Do Video Games Make Kids More Violent?

Since the inception of video games, and all creative media for that matter, we as a society have questioned what type of content is acceptable for children and young adults. At what age is it okay for children to be exposed to violence and other possibly adult themes? Will this exposure lead to deviant behavior? Here's a look at the issue and suggestions for what point … [Read More...]


The Fun of Fear and Why it’s Good to be Bad

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Swoosh! The boy swooped down from the monkey bars, his face smeared with fresh fake blood. He was wearing a long black cape. You could tell he liked the way the cape swung behind him. The other kids at the playground were dressed in normal clothes, busy building forts, while this boy was in full character of … [Read More...]