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My Kids Aren’t Normal People When It Comes To Food

I keep waiting for my kids to become normal people when it comes to food. When my daughter was a toddler, everyone told me that is was normal for her to only eat bread and cheese and pasta; that it was one of those annoying, toddler phases that she would grow out of, like delaying bedtime or asking "why?" about everything you said.  But she’s nine now, and unless I … [Read More...]


How to Field Your Kids’ Questions About Divorce

Most children feel shocked and confused when their parents tell them that they will be getting a divorce. Children of all ages will likely have many questions after the initial announcement. Here are some common questions and how to answer them in a loving, reassuring, and honest way. Remember, even if you told your children about your divorce months or years ago, you … [Read More...]


The Impracticality of Perfection

It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting, or if you have three children. Your child can be an infant, a third grader, or heading off to college this summer. As moms, we strive to give our children the best, and at many times, we strive to be the best, too. We envision ourselves as being highly organized, well balanced, even tempered, and punctual. Our homes are clean, the … [Read More...]


Listening to Her Heart Instead of Your Fears

Recently I played along with the whole Facebook Throwback Thursday thing and trotted out a very adorable pre-adolescent picture of me for everyone to “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” over. I hadn’t seen this picture in a while. There I am, all pouty with a sassy and defiant look in my eye as I sat in my time out. A friend asked me if I remember why I was in time out and I remembered … [Read More...]


Pregnancy Passion: 5 Ways to Spice Things Up

Let’s face it. Pregnancy changes your sex life. Period. Your breasts are growing.  Your moods are swinging.  Your hormones are causing physical changes you never expected.  These changes can lead to a hot and spicy afternoon rendezvous... or they can cause you to experience cravings, crying, and constipation. You may also be having trouble adjusting to the curvier, … [Read More...]