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A New Strategy For Bullying: Teaching Resilience

The media is filled with news about bullying.  The question is, does all of the attention help to decrease the bullying? Unfortunately, the answer is not clear. In order to address bullying, we need to try a different strategy, one that addresses the roles that kids choose.  We need to focus our attention on teaching kids resilience.  We need to teach kids how to … [Read More...]


Nice Things You Say That Really Annoy Me

When we have our babies, it is natural to transform into “mama bear”, stopping at nothing to defend and protect. For the mama who has a child facing additional challenges, this instinct goes into overdrive. Having a child with autism has made me respond to certain comments irrationally. I can be oversensitive - even when comments are said in kindness or without any … [Read More...]


7 Things My Five-Year Old Taught Me

1. Enjoy the moment. Kids live fully in the present. No rush, no future worrying, no past regrets. The bug they started to observe on the way to the grocery store is the most important thing at this moment and the most valuable experience. 2. Patience. I must admit, it was never my strongest quality, but by constantly exercising it with my toddler, it grew, like a … [Read More...]


Learning About Strangers – Educating Our Children Without Scaring Them

What provoked this “talking to strangers” conversation with my children?  It was months ago when a high risk pedophile moved about a mile from our family.  The man charged had kidnapped a child and harmed him.  As a community we were scared and upset.  We started petitions to help tighten Vermont laws that allowed these offenders into our state and neighborhoods.  They … [Read More...]


The Legal Docs You Need To Protect Your Family

This following post is written in partnership with Bloomwell. As parents we do everything we can to protect our children. But there is one super important thing that many of us put off doing, and that’s obtaining legal documents to protect our children if we are away from home (like when we use a babysitter or a relative to watch the children), have an accident or serious … [Read More...]


When Your Daughter Is Getting Married (And You Have 6 Kids)

When my children were young I would throw some of the most amazing birthday parties. Every year I would throw six fun birthday parties, one for each child with a theme, decorations, and activities. 20 years later I still bump into to parents and children who share their memories of the Newsome kids’ birthday parties. These parties were always a hit and I was creative and … [Read More...]


Motherhood Motto: Do The Best You Can. 

Sometimes I stop and think about how I feel about motherhood and whether I make decisions as a mother based on what I think is right or based on what others tell me is the right thing to do. It is distressing to me that some articles (and mothers) suggest that there is a right and wrong way to do everything: Somehow what we feel is best for our children may not be … [Read More...]