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Feminism Isn’t Just For Little Girls

Feminism. It’s that other f-word. It’s hard to define, carries a distinct connotation, and quickly divides people. Our culture has a very clear concept of what feminism is and whom feminism serves. Usually, when a woman classifies herself as a feminist, she’s thought of as prizing femininity and despising masculinity. She’s a fierce competitor to other men and will be the … [Read More...]


When Getting Fired Is Good News

Once a year, I head to a different kind of back-to-school night: our school’s drug and alcohol homily for parents. Thank goodness the school offers this parenting supplement. Otherwise, I’d know nothing. Most kids at our school are smart enough to avoid blatant intoxication in front of adults. But with several drug and alcohol awareness nights under my belt, as well as … [Read More...]


Wait ’till Your Dad Gets Home

When I read the title of the Modern Mom article ‘10 Things You Swore You’d Never Say’ I instantly chuckled and couldn’t wait to read it. The previous day I was having this exact same conversation with my best friend, we had a good laugh discussing all the ‘things’ we said we wouldn’t do or we wouldn’t say when we had children. And the list was long. We were naïve … [Read More...]


How to Think Like a Mom

My eyes open.  I look at the clock: 5:36 am.  I hear the baby babbling in his crib over the monitor, as I try to shake the fogginess out of my brain. What day is it?  It's Tuesday, yes, Tuesday.  Ugh.  Only Tuesday?  Did I make the kids lunch last night?  Shit, I forgot.  I've got to get it together.  Oh, isn't today share day for miss muffin top?  Damn it, who was I … [Read More...]