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10 Ways To Help Your Child Become A Better Writer

If your kids are like mine, they don't take well to their parents giving them advice on much of anything -- academics, athletics, you name it. In many ways, I am thankful for this. My kids are independent and have learned to do their homework on their own. But I had to step in recently to help my middle-schooler with a term paper that needed a lot of help. I started with … [Read More...]


My Daughter’s Growing Up And I Hate It

So, I took a bunch of time off to finish my new book, but thank you to everyone who texted and emailed and left Facebook messages wondering if and when I’d be back. I’m back! And here’s what happened while I was gone. Six months ago, I had a daughter who was in elementary school. Although she was rapidly getting taller and looking less and less like a child, she was … [Read More...]


Accidental Co-Sleeping: How to Get the Kids Out of Your Bed?

Last weekend my kids had a sleepover at my sister Melissa’s house. Apparently when they were going to sleep, Nora asked if she could sleep in Melissa’s bed with her. Then she shared this gem with everyone: “My mom let me sleep in her bed one time when I threw up on my pillow twice.” Then Alex added: “And I slept with my mom once after I ate a peanut and almost … [Read More...]


Want Life Satisfaction? Generate Gratitude – Here’s How

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. “ ~ Thornton Wilder I’ve been reading RJ Palacio’s 365 Days of Wonder to my children. Each morning we start the day with an inspirational thought to guide us. We take a few moments to talk, bringing the lesson home. In the morning bustle, taking this 5-minute breather helps … [Read More...]