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Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Myths and Facts on Which Gender You’re Carrying

Congratulations, you're pregnant! So, are you having a boy or a girl. Everywhere you go, you'll certainly be asked this question. Whether you decide to find out your baby's gender as early as possible (hey, you may want to get a head start on choosing the right color paint for the nursery), or you decide to let your baby's gender be a delivery day surprise, there are some … [Read More...]


Taming the Temper Tantrum

Every mom has experienced them, and if you're not at that stage yet...just wait! The stroke of the clock that ushers in your child's toddler years also starts the ruthless era of the temper tantrum. Patty Onderko from helped us figure out the rationale behind your child's emotional explosions. Good Lord, can't they just behave? Well, it turns out, no, they … [Read More...]


It’s One of Those “I Suck” Days…

Do you ever just have one of those I suck days? I do - a lot. Actually I have had an I suck week! Oh crap, that's right it's only Monday, it can only look up from here right? The dishes are piled up, the clothes are starting to smell funky, the babies need a bath, the big kids look right through me, the husband’s moody, and all I want to do is go to sleep, but #5 took a … [Read More...]


10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know

The other day one of my teenage daughters told me she was going to delete her Facebook page.  She said she kept noticing that her mood and the way she felt about herself changed whenever she was logged on. She felt pressured about her looks and her social life; basically, she was not feeling good about herself whenever she was using Facebook. I’ve never forbidden my … [Read More...]


A Sneak Peek Into The Mind Of A Four-Year-Old

Ever wondered what's it like inside the mind of a four-year-old? Here's a typical day: 4:30 a.m. Hmm…I’m half awake. It would be so much cozier in Mommy and Daddy’s bed - right smack between them where I can make my body seem almost twice as big, and Mommy and Daddy canpretty much kiss the rest of their sleep goodbye. 4:35 a.m.  OH NO! NO NO NO. How can this be … [Read More...]