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How to Create a Child’s Behavior Chart

Altering or shaping a child's behavior takes incentive, consistency and patience. Creatively find ways to encourage your child to behave the way you desire, such as with a behavior chart. Ask Dr. Sears and the National Center for Learning Disabilities (LD) both recommend behavior charts that offer tangible rewards when your child exhibits desired behavior. Dr. Sears … [Read More...]


How To Teach Kids About Money

It should be easy to teach our kids about money. We have it, they need it. The leverage is clearly on our side -- which is not always the case with parents and kids. But teaching children to respect money with out granting it too much power remains one of the more contentious, emotional, and frustrating parenting quandaries. It’s important to get this right: research shows … [Read More...]


Classroom Mom Horror Stories… And How To Avoid Them!

Whether as the room mom or the hapless volunteer, most moms of school-aged kids have at least one horror story. It’s easy to get caught in PTA politics and indulge petty differences. But wise moms know how to avoid the drama and encourage everyone to help out at school. Keep your cool and your place in the parent pecking order by following these simple guidelines as you … [Read More...]


Talking to Your Kids About Scary News Events

When tragedy strikes, how do you explain to children what happened when you can’t understand it yourself? How do you tell your children they will be safe at school, when you are feeling uncertain about their safety? How do you make your children feel safe and secure when you are not feeling safe and secure? These are great questions, with only one answer... you are … [Read More...]


What to Do When Your Kids Use Bathroom Words?!

Bathroom words. Need I say more? Yes, those silly words that my two boys just love to repeat over and over again. It started with poo, pee and stinky bum… then progressed to penis, vagina… these words never get old! My boys are seven and five and they still think these words are the funniest things to say.  They’ll say them and just burst out into contagious … [Read More...]