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Does My Tween Really “Need” A Cell Phone?

My daughter, who is nine, keeps pestering me about a cell phone. As in, when can she have one.  As in, so many of her friends have them (so many equaling three, and they all have divorced parents who want to be able to call them directly). I keep telling her that we’ll discuss it when she’s older, because right now, I don’t really see the point of her having a cell … [Read More...]


Boys Will Be Boys

I have one adolescent girl and four young boys under the age of 13. I had (only) one girl for ten years and compared to the four boys, that was a cake walk. I think moms of multiple boys should be handed some sort of survival guide. I don’t think anyone can be prepared for what comes with having boys – especially four of them. I now understand why the average couple has … [Read More...]


Selling Your Kids On Story Time: Practical Tips For Raising Readers

“It’s tough for kids to say goodbye to the excitement of the day, so falling asleep can be so much sweeter with a parent at their side, reading their favorite bedtime story.” - Dr. Barry Zuckerman, Chief of Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center and Co-Founder of Reach Out and Read Bedtime stories. Those two simple words conjure up happy memories for many of us. If you … [Read More...]


9 Things You NEED In Your Diaper Bag

Organizing a diaper bag can sound easy.... until the day you realize that you are out and about around town, your baby has a very nasty diaper and rash and you're stuck in a restaurant with some relatives. It is this moment, when you will wish you had more supplies in your diaper bag.  Now, I'm not suggesting that you carry everything with you, just the essentials.  Try … [Read More...]


How to NOT Raise A Generation of A*@holes

I feel like being the mom of six makes me kind of like a professional parent. A professional is defined as; (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. That's pretty much me as a mom, other than the getting paid part. Unless of course, you consider an endless pile of laundry and dishes at the end of the day a form … [Read More...]