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The Little Boy On First Base

To all the coaches, parents, and fans of little league, The season is upon us. Fields all over are filled with parents, fans, coaches, players, and umpires. It's an exciting time of year for boys and girls, the cold is finally turning warmer, the days are slowly becoming longer, school is almost out for summer, and their dreams of home runs are about to become … [Read More...]


Dealing with Two Year Olds: How To Make Your Life Suck Less

From my experience with 2 year olds, you can expect a lot of “No” and “I don’t want to.” This is developmentally appropriate, although it makes your life suck. However, there are some things you can do to make your life suck less. Pick your battles. So she doesn’t get dressed, who cares. It’s summer. So she doesn’t eat dinner, who cares. If she was hungry, she would … [Read More...]


Mom Guilt For All The Wrong Reasons

Aside from love, I think that guilt is probably the strongest, most universal emotion that parents experience.  We feel guilty from the time our babies are born, about everything: for not breastfeeding long enough, for leaving them on a Saturday morning to go to the gym, for going back to work, for letting them watch TV, for keeping them in a wet diaper for too long, … [Read More...]


Top Five Types of Sex Had by Couples with a New Baby

After reading this article, I felt that, although many types of sex were chronicled, some key ones were left out.  There was a particular deficit in documenting the varieties of sex that are most popular in the large, fatigued population of parents with small kids, which is where this post comes in. This is not an exhausted (I mean exhaustive!  Gee, where did that word … [Read More...]