The Healing Power of Breath




All negativity is pain.

Breathe in love

Breathe out pain


Let this practice be the process of healing. Breathe into the source of pain and heal it with love. Disconnect with the pain. Behind it you are whole and capable of anything. Whether you are struggling with a moment of frustration, or an issue of deeper hurt, the cure is the same. It is to find the source and kiss it with love.

It takes nothing more than disconnecting with the negativity. Understanding that it is not who you are. Pain is merely on the surface and can be let go of on the deeper level of your consciousness. There is no need to cling to pain. It serves no purpose. It makes nothing better. Beneath the surface lies the whole you that is in touch with your gift of life and your great role in the universe.

If you can sit back and watch your thoughts without judgement behind your emotion, the frustration or anger, you will know peace in all situations. When things get challenging for me as a parent, it is important that I feel this stillness in order to act in a way that is in line with my heart. Achieving this is not only the greatest challenge; it is also the most rewarding. When you start to feel and know glimpses of the peace and stillness behind emotion, you can learn to bring yourself back there in the moment you most need it. That is where eternal love and patience are found in complete abundance.

Too often we block ourselves from this inner peace. We let our mind take control, and when the mind does it spirals into dysfunction. You are more than that. You are more than the negative thoughts in your mind. Once you know that, you can release the negativity.
You can breathe in love, and breathe out the pain. It really is as simple as that. Pass it on. Especially to children. Help them know they are more than their emotions, and that breath can truly heal.

Do you find breathing techniques help you relieve stress?





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