Heal from Trauma (Guided Meditation)


We’re home! We just arrived home a few hours ago. We had so much fun taking some vacation time this month, but I have to say I am so excited to sleep in my own bed tonight. Do you know what I mean? We’ve done tons of eating out and traveling having a blast this month, so I’m craving my normal routine. Don’t you love how much you appreciate home when you take a break from it all?!

This past week we traveled to Saratoga, New York as well as the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for a great place to travel in the summer, I highly recommend both of them. Once I download the pictures I have I’ll share a few so you can see the areas first hand.

Two weeks prior we traveled to Park City, Utah and that had a really cool vibe too. We’d love to visit Park City in the winter sometime so we can get the full effect.

When we got home I was so happy to know our pumpkin plant is still thriving. I was definitely concerned about how it would hold up while we were away because I’m pretty attached to it ;-) We even had 7 red tomatoes ready and waiting to be picked and our hot peppers also look like they are ready to be eaten soon too.

Before I get onto the soothing meditation that I hope will relax and rejuvenate you, I must apologize for the reference to video Thursday, even though it is not technically Thursday. I prepared a few videos for you before deciding to do once per week postings. From here on out I plan on having a new post ready for you on Tuesdays. I hope you enjoy!

Today’s video is guided meditation aimed to open up the pathway to your innate healing power. In this meditation we focus particularly on healing from a traumatic event. This could be a recent trauma or old wound that bubbles up to the surface now and again.

It is my strong belief that each of us has more healing power within us than most of us realize. Personally, I believe that healing is a natural part of our energy system that we can focus on and strengthen to help not only ourselves, but those around us. When you open up your pathway to healing, you operate from a higher energy level, and because we are all connected this greater energy impacts others.

All I ask is that you enter into this meditation with an open heart and a willingness to explore your healing power.

Thank you for sharing in this meditation with me today! Your energy impacts mine, and for that I am very grateful.

If you think this meditation will help others, please do share. Let’s together, increase the good in the world.

With love and tremendous gratitude,
Wendy Irene

p.s. Next week I have a really fun fall recipe for you that I am excited to share! It thrills me to unleash fall inspiration very soon. I know how excited so many of us get for autumn. Enjoy this last week of August, friends!




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