Budget Home Decorating Tips


Every home decorating project has a budget. Even with a small budget, a stylish home makeover is possible. You can recreate many high-end looks for much less by selecting a few eye-popping design elements. Many similar decorative elements are available at more affordable options, allowing you to get the look you want while staying within your budget.

Create an Inspiration Board

Before you begin decorating, a plan for the style or theme of the design helps you coordinate the details. The “All You” magazine website suggests creating an inspiration board with what you find visually appealing or inspirational. This might include magazine pictures, sketches, paint chips, pieces of fabric or photos you take. Place all the inspirational pieces onto a bulletin board or large piece of cardboard. Use the board to narrow down the design options for the room.


Paint is an inexpensive way to transform a room. The splash of color on the walls helps set the mood and the overall decorating style. If you don’t feel comfortable painting the entire room a different color, try an accent wall. You can also use different painting techniques to add a distinct look to the room. Color washing, sponge painting and stenciling are a few options. Vertical paint stripes are another way to add interest to the walls.

Use Found Objects

Shopping around your own home might save you money on decor elements. Look through your old home decorations and furniture that you no longer use to see if you can give it a new purpose. A coat of paint can give almost any object a new look, making it more appropriate for the redesigned space. Fabric paint allows you to add custom designs to most fabrics to change the look.

Do It Yourself

Labor for professional work eats up a significant amount of any decorating budget. If you are doing cosmetic changes to the home, you can likely handle most of the work yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable tiling your bathroom or sewing curtains, enlist the help of talented friends and family. Handling the work yourself frees up more money for actual items to decorate the home.



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