Best Valentine’s Day Gifts


If you are looking for something other than chocolate or flowers to give to those you love this Valentine’s Day, you are in luck. Whether you are shopping for your spouse, a significant other or your children, you will be able to find something that most everyone will love. When choosing your Valentine’s Day gifts, keeping your recipients’ interests in mind can help you to choose the perfect gift.

For Him

When you know what the man in your life really likes, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift is a bit easier. For martini-drinking men, for example, a barware set can be a perfect gift. In fact, Marie Claire magazine ranks this gift as the number one Valentine’s Day gift for men on its “10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men” list. Try getting it personalized with his first initial!

Also making the list was a new wallet, at number 3, and lingerie that you think he’d like to see you in, at number 6. Peter Richmond, product review correspondent, agrees with these choices as he featured them in his “Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for You” article that appeared in his bimonthly column on Other gifts ideas on his list included a classy watch, cologne and a magazine subscription.

Regardless of what gift you choose, be sure it will interest your man. If you opt for a magazine subscription, for example, your best bet is to choose one that features a topic he’s interested in. If he likes sports, choose a sport-themed magazine subscription. If he’s an avid cook, choose a cooking-themed magazine.

For Her

When choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special lady in your life, the best gifts are fun, elegant, stylish and have a touch of sentiment, according to the Reader’s Digest magazine website which lists romantic fortune cookies as number one on its list of “25 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.”

Also making the list were several personalized items, including a box of chocolates, romantic novel and golf balls. All of these items can be customized to include the name or a special message. If you’re looking for something unusual, suggests a two-handed hand hugger, which is a fleece glove designed for two, or a heart-shaped kitchen sink or spa tub.

For Kids

There are lots of ways to say “I love you” to the kids in your life. For younger children, a pair of red pajamas with your child’s name embroidered on them makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, according to Disney’s in its “Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids” article.

Other top Valentine’s Day gifts for kids on the list included heart tattoos and heart-shaped portable and foldable speakers. If you’d like to give your child an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift, suggests a reusable Valentine’s-themed tote bag or reusable sandwich tote bags or a stuffed owl that holds a special Valentine’s Day message and is made from repurposed fabrics.



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