Life’s Tough Questions


Instead of a post today, I was given the opportunity to answer a few questions for the lovely site Julio’s Sol and would love to share with you my responses, as well as the responses of other talented and passionate people. The questions asked really made me think and reach within for my personal, authentic answers. It was a joy to write.

“Julio’s Sol is an online magazine that explores and uncovers the internal and external processes we all go through in the pursuit of our passion or dream.”

Here are the questions and corresponding links to the responses:

Time management:

How do you free up time to do what you really want to do?


Financial issues:
How has finance played a role in pursuing your passion/dream? How did you resolve it?


Pessimism into optimism:
How have you managed to turn your pessimism into optimism?


How did death or almost dying/someone else dying inspire you to live?
What do you fear most about death?


Time is a gift. Thank you for coming here and checking out the responses. 

May your day be filled with smiles ?

Please do share! How would you respond to any or all of these questions?



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